Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Back in the USSR for Hedge Funds

The evil, publicity hungry SEC, anxious to shove down the memory hole the days of nothing but porn surfing at the agency, is about to bring the mother of all "insider" trading show arrests.

We know this because the inside information about the cases is being leaked by the investigators themselves. These leaks, which are unlikely to be investigated, spin the cases before the arrests and poison the likely jury pool. It's evil stuff and could only be conducted by evil bastards more interested in a prosecutorial wins for their resumes than justice.

The worst part of it all is that hedge funds have been forced to instruct their traders to be careful what they say on the phones, for fear the phones are tapped. ZH thumbs the situation this way, "Traders at two $10bn+ HFs told not to speak to sales coverage on fears all conversations bugged."

As I have said before, the fear that someone may be monitoring your conversation is one of the most evil fears that a government can bring down on a nation. I continue to believe it is a form of solitary confinement. Wall Street is now in partial solitary confinement, as a result of some power tripping egomaniacs in government. Today it is Wall Street, tomorrow it could be your street. Welcome to the USSR.

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  1. No, Professor Wenzel, It has already come to my (and your) street.

    Both from what we know and what we may suppose of this we may be fairly certain ...

    From my experience and in analogy to my pseudonym (which is not really a pseudonym) I can somewhat affirm this.

    To clear the mind on this issue we but need to ask ourselves one question ...

    After the 'fall' of the Soviet Union (after which there was only a brief hiatus during which it was decided that the true enemy was 1500 'ragheads' of an organization created by the CIA fully deserving of our heartfelt fears) what then is the need for the vast computer arrays of the NSA, the CIA, the NRO, the NOAA, and all the other Three and Four Named Organizations?

    I cannot believe that all those fine lads are twiddling their fingers in their cubes on the joysticks of that most favorite government game - 'Drone Strike').

    They, and their computers, must be doing SOMETHING.

    Occams razor ...

    No, not the USSR, but instead - welcome to Oceania and please remember that we have ALWAYS been at war against East Asia!

    I hear that chocolate production is up 4.5%!!!!