Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Harvard Students on the Economy

Megan Duffield sends along this latest clip from Silver Circle Movie. These students really need to be taking Bob Murphy's course.

But, be sure to listen to the advice from the student at 3:06. He knows.


  1. "Get a lot of Harvard people out of the economy control." He has no idea how right he is, too bad his knowledge did not extend to silver values.

  2. This is a sad example of higher education, especially somewhere as "prestigious" as Harvard. These people are the de-facto "future" of industry and yet lack basic understanding of economics. It doesn't surprise me though.

    I loved the silver bit but hearing one of my peers say "I'm a realest, America will pay back the debt to China so I don't worry" made me cringe. A realest? Well then let's talk real - pay it back with WHAT? Paper money worth $0.06 per slice? It's sad they believe money obtains value from some mythical creature, even worse a government. I feel bad for the future as I am apart of it.

  3. Heh, my wife and I sent out 1 ounce silver coins as presents this week. We aren't counting on much more appreciation for silver's value from the recipients than what these professional students exhibited, though.
    Maybe if I had sent Richard Maybury's book "Whatever Happened to Penny Candy"... nah, they'd have to read it.
    As a plus, my 15-year old listened to Bob Murphy's 12/13 program and we're having some interesting side conversations as a result.