Thursday, January 27, 2011

Small Explosion at Davos

AP says there has been a 'small explosion' at a hotel near the World Economic Forum.



A small blast shattered two windows but caused no injuries at a hotel near where top business and political leaders are attending the World Economic Forum, Swiss police said Thursday.
The explosion happened in a storage room of the Posthotel Morosani shortly after 9 a.m. local time (0800 GMT) Thursday, regional police spokesman Thomas Hobi told the AP.

He said federal prosecutors are investigating whether the blast has a criminal origin...

There is tight security at the World Economic Forum as left-wing groups plan to hold a protest this weekend against the annual meeting of political and business leaders and social activists.

Anonymous flyers circulated at a demonstration last week in the northeastern Swiss town of St. Gallen urged activist to "Smash (the) WEF."

The flyer says: "Let us fight together against the unbearable propaganda of capitalism."
Note to protesters: What's going on in Davos is not capitalism. It is all about oligarchs plotting to steal from "the people": and smash upstart capitalists. And they are going to do a much better job of smashing capitalists than you are.

UPDATE on explosion from Henry Blodget:
Someone cracked window with firecracker.

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  1. Firecracker? That's a weapon of mass destruction according to the gov't. There's a terrorist at work.