Thursday, February 10, 2011

Some Questions for Congressman Clay



  1. I called Rep. Clay's St. Louis office today to express my disappointment with his performance at the hearing. The young associate that answered the line definitely didn't appreciate the nature of my call and hung up on me.

  2. At least as of 2/11/11...
    The YouTube video of the year!

  3. I watched the complete hearing. How could this farcical man come up that quick with a rebuttal. His notes were prepared a head of time. Mr. Paul should have seen this and should have given Dr. DiLorenzo time to set this jackass straight. I am disappointed with Dr. Paul, it seemed a produced meeting, a farce of sorts. Where is Bastiat? Please resurrect him.
    The B.S. will continue and all the boneheads will now continue to debase the real debate. What a joke this committee is.