Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Current State of Birth Certificates in the Presidential Race

Donald Trump wants to see President Obama's birth certificate.

The Left wants to see Trig Palin's birth certificate.

As an obstetrician, Dr. Ron Paul has probably signed thousands of birth certificates.

Who are you going to vote for?

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  1. I invite a truly benevolent dictator to come out of the woodwork, lay out the policies he will put in place and the time frame for each policy, and state the safeguards he will put in place so he can be removed should he do other than what he says, and layout when he will step down and allow the system of goobermint we now have to be reinstalled. Of course his first act would probably have to be arresting the entire congress, and he can have the national guard or a paid private army do that. That's who I'm voting for - I'm tired of voting for morons of both major parties. You will do the same or else you will soon not have a country.