Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Was Elizabeth Warren In Such a Hurry to Get to on Tuesday?

On Tuesday, Professor (Apparently that is how she prefers to be addressed) Warren told  Chairman Patrick McHenry of the House Subcommittee on TARP, Financial Services and Bailouts of Public and Private Programs that she could not provide ten additional minutes of testimony because of conflicting meetings.

I contacted Prof. Warren's spokesperson to find out just exactly what meeting the Professor was so anxious to get to that she couldn't give the subcommittee an additional ten minutes.

According to an email from the spokesperson:
Elizabeth Warren had meetings with senior government officials related to standing up the consumer bureau.
The senior officials were not identified. I'm not exactly sure this justifies not giving a congressional subcommittee an additional ten minutes, but the Professor clearly thought differently.


  1. The two congressman who were to ask further questions were on the floor for a vote and could not make it back in ten minutes. The later documents I saw stated that the head of the committee was of the opinion they could not have gotten the two members there and questions asked and concluded before 3:30pm That is an 75 minutes additional not 10.

  2. Uh, since when do professors have spokespersons???

    professors should be teaching (otherwise, what meaning is the title), and at best have a secretary (which they may have to share with other profs.)

  3. She might be running for congress so she's not just a professor any more. She's a political figure and a leader/