Sunday, June 12, 2011

International Monetary Fund is Victim of Major Cyber Attack

The IMF has become the latest known target of a significant cyber attack, according to Reuters.

Tom Kellerman, cybersecurity expert who has worked for both the IMF and the World Bank,  said the intruders' goal had been to install software that would give a nation state a "digital insider presence" on the IMF network.

Such a presence could yield a trove of non-public economic data used by the Fund to promote exchange rate stability, support balanced international trade and provide resources to remedy members' balance-of-payments crises.

A World Bank official said the Bank had cut its network connection with the IMF out of "caution" even though the information shared on that link was "non sensitive."


  1. "IMF waits four weeks to report major cyber attack."

    It happens to be Bilderberg weekend, where global plotters clearly have their eyes on the Internet. In attendance are a plethora of Internet gurus and Christine A. Varney, Internet lawyer and Assistant Attorney General.