Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ron Paul Zazzles America

Roland Clark emails:
Thought you might find this an interesting blog entry. At, probably the world's largest print-on-demand retail site, the home page lists Ron Paul bumper stickers as their #1 top selling item.

Another Ron Paul sticker comes in at #5 and Ron's favorite "Don't Steal, the Government Hates Competition" sticker is #6 today.

Love EPJ!



    Hat-tip to LRC blog.

    Evangelicals can't understand why Paul teams up with Frank against the drug war and doesn't team up with them to ban abortions.
    They don't want to pay taxes for abortions, naturally. Of course, neither do singles want to pay taxes on property for children.

    But they do.
    Solution - DON'T TAX.
    It's simple and solves it for everyone.

    If you want to abort, take drugs, wage war, do arcane research, "do good for humanity", or anything else, do it on your own dime and time.

    Only then are these really YOUR acts without taint. You're forcing someone else to subsidize your high-mindedness....or your personal follies or failures.

    That is true for everyone, from lowest to highest.

    And of course, we have all fallen short of the ideal and been welfare queens/kings at some level, if not directly, then indirectly, but even so, we can affirm the ideal.