Friday, July 8, 2011

A Non-Krugman Report on Price Inflation

Joel Weyrick emails a report from the diamond district and supplies a photo that says a lot about the stealth inflation that is going by reducing the size of product. A lone OJ producer tries to hold the line :

My wife had to buy the orange juice that had this particular advertising on it.

She works at a high end jewelry store and she's been hearing all sorts of stuff in regards to inflation there. The Russians and Chinese are buying up all the watches, diamond melee going up 7% two weeks in a row, buy large diamonds now because of the Russians again, etc.


  1. Has anyone else noticed Coke and Pepsi coming out with 1 Liter bottles now? I saw a display the other day at a store and seems like they are really marketing it. Only problem? They cost about $1.50.

    I remember when a 2 liter was $1.19 not that long ago.

  2. The same sort of packaging can be found on Blue Bell ice cream. "Still a half-gallon", instead of the bucket sizing of 1.5 quarts that most ice cream makers are using currently.

  3. I've been drinking Diet Pepsi from a 1 litre bottle for many years. It's not a new phenomenon.

    They are expensive, but the packaging is convenient. I buy a bottle and refill from 2 litre bottles for a while before re-buying.