Friday, July 8, 2011

The Perry-Bush Battle

Roger Stone explains it in a tweet:
A Perry campaign could kill Jeb in 2016. Bushies going wild !


  1. I suspect that this whole "Battle" is an invention of the Perry campaign and the Republican party. They may not be best friends, but it serves Perry far too well to not be a concoction. One of Perry's narrative weaknesses is being George W Bush the sequel. The Democrats will say that Perry comes from the same stock that "got us into this mess." If there seems to be a Perry-Bush feud that tale won't stick to the donkey.

  2. For anyone following the Strauss-O'neil four generational cycle, 2016 might line up with a general (Washington, Grant, Eisenhower). Patraeus is being groomed.

    2012 will likely be Obama vs. Palin or Pawlenty. Most of the others are too old and establishment, and will not get the swing youth vote. RP, of course, can get the youth vote, but will probably be marginalized (sadly).

  3. I hope Perry causes Bush problems. Perry is garbage, but Bush is even more so.

  4. If Perry tanks Jeb, that is the sole good reason for Perry to run.