Monday, July 18, 2011

"Watch Out for Ron Paul"

So says the Wall Street Journal.

WSJ goes on to report:
Mr. Paul, who has more money in the bank than all of his GOP rivals except for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is now making a strong push to win the straw poll that matters most, the Iowa straw poll in Ames on Aug. 13...

With Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann widely expected to win the Iowa straw poll, a second-place finish by Mr. Paul could bump former Tim Pawlenty into third – a finish that could hurt the former Minnesota governor’s campaign.

As of Friday, the Paul campaign had spent $170,000 to buy or reserve time for ads on radio and cable-TV in Iowa, according to a tally of ad spending compiled by a rival campaign. That gives him the second biggest media footprint in the state behind former Mr. Pawlenty
The 2011 Iowa Straw Poll will take place at the Iowa State Center in Ames, Iowa on Saturday, August 13, 2011.


  1. Do you think he really has a chance Wenzel?

  2. 2nd Quarter Campaign Contributions from Active Duty Military:

    Cain $6,223
    Romney $5,000
    Bachmann $2,550
    Newt $1,025
    Pawnlety $250
    Santorum $250
    Johnson $0

    Obama $28,833
    Paul $36,739

  3. They didn't think Reagan had a chance.

    Then again, Ron Paul is everything Reagan was supposed to be, but wasn't.

    ~Texas Chris

  4. His winning the Republican nomination is trading at 2.2% on Intrade; a mere two percent.

  5. I love Ron Paul, but he doesn't have a shot IMHO.

    The mobocracy is too powerful.

    It's sad...but it is what it is. I'm grateful for his attempts and the small victories along the way but one must be realistic in these things. I owe him a great debt personally as he shook my worldview so profoundly by exposing me to ideas I never had a chance to reflect on.

    I will support the man...but I know he will lose as the mob doesn't really want freedom...they want a free ride.

    Hopefully he can touch more people with the ideas of Liberty while he campaigns and maybe one day after the system implodes there might be some mass will to be free.(maybe)

  6. I worked on Ron Paul's 1988 Campaign, his 2008 Campaign and now this one. This is his last hurrah---time to pull out all the stops. I sure wish Dr. Paul would become more aggressive--running on his record and getting a bit more combative and much more vocal about his record and his most accurate, years ago predictions about the economy, the wars, the Fed and the collapsing dollar. Why not hold up a copy of Cato's pocket U.S.Constitution and challenge his opponents and anyone else for that matter to show us where it states that the Federal, government is suppose to have over 800 military bases in over 140 foreign countries?

  7. I love Gov Gary Johnson and left the DIMS for the RIPS over him and the intellect of Dr Ron Paul...he's not getting any younger,so this is it for him...Gary has 2016 and a near collapsed Amerika to defend in five years.

  8. @Andre Grillon

    Please provide your source. I'd like to post on facebook, but I need more than your word! ;)

  9. Forget Johnson, it will be Rand Paul in '16

  10. here's a reference link about the active duty military donations to Ron Paul, which contains another link.

  11. I'll support a candidate that wants to return the USA to a small, limited, Constitutional government, balance the budget NOW with MASSIVE cuts in Federal spending, start to pay down our debt, end the Federal Reserve, end our "fiat" monetary system & return to a dual gold/silver standard (like prior to Civil War), end the Income tax, end the IRS & go to a simple Fair Tax. I know Ron Paul would try to do those things. Not sure of the rest. For sure, Obama would try NOT to do any of those things & is driving this nation into collapse.

  12. I break out the trusty ol' Bayes Theorem and find that intrade, although giving Ron Paul only a 2.2% chance to win the GOP nomination, predicts that if he does win the nomination, he will have an 84% chance of winning it all, which is much more than any other candidate.

    A CNN poll a month or two ago also showed that Ron Paul would have the best chance against Obama, although not that high.

  13. @ Steven: There's no official confirmation for these numbers yet, but it appears to be accurate from the FEC reports. See!

  14. The Bayes Theorem remark is clear.

    RP winning the nomination and winning the whole election trade at almost the price on Intrade.

    Interesting (perhaps).

  15. Politicians are not good leaders just because they can raise money. In fact being able to raise the most money may be a bad sign to a voter if they think about it. I think the fact Ron Paul has many small donors is a positive sign.