Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Would You Like to See as the Currency if the Dollar Vanished from Circulation?

This is the question the crew at Silver Circle asked people in Harvard Square, not what you would consider a bedrock territory of goldbugs.

Fed Chairman Bernanke may not consider gold money, but even in Harvard Square, when most people are asked what they would like to see as the medium of exchange if the dollar vanished, gold was the top choice.

Thanks to Megan Duffield, marketing manager at Silver Circle, for sending along the above clip.


  1. They should try the same question at Princeton. I would love to see the Bernank's and Krugman's faces :)

  2. I wonder if that was a proportional representation of the responses? If so, that's a pretty good indication that a majority of Americans are ready for some form of "hard currency" alternative to the dying dollar.

    Dale Fitz

  3. Sounds great, but how much did they cherry-pick these responses?

    Looks like a fair percentage of Americans would prefer an entertainment-based barter system...

  4. That's pleasantly surprising. A far cry from this video from two years ago of people refusing to buy an ounce of gold for $50, not even for $5:


    Once people start talking about free market money, then I'll really be hopeful!

  5. I would like the dollar replaced with my currency which I control and create at will and I can buy army men and planes and ships and bombs to force everyone else to use my currency and...Oh....Wait...We already have that. Why do the current Central Bank Terrorists get to own everyone else? Why can't I own everyone? Oh...I don't have a strong enough Army and I lack jail space....Oh Rats...Owning everyone else is not easy.

  6. They really do not have a choice but to try to tie fiat money down with something(s) of real value. The International Central Bankers realize that their hard-won ownership of everybody on Earth cannot be maintained if hyper-inflation kicks in. They are already floating ideas in their MSM about fixing a new global currency to a "basket" of commodities.