Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The World's Largest Armed Forces

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(Chart via Economist Magazine)


  1. Once the US collapse happens, it won't even make that list.

  2. Watch out for that Red Army. they're gonna march right on over here and ..... but, wait, uh...

  3. Interesting topic for discussion. Having the largest army does not equal power projection.

    China can certainly project the power of millions of infantry on its own soil. What it cannot do is land 100,000 men (let alone millions) anywhere else and keep them alive.

    When China (or any other country) can project a mechanized force larger than 50k men without marching them over their own border, that's when you know that country is a possible threat. Not a big one, but it at least gets you on the playing field.

  4. "Other"? I guess I didn't realize the U.S. had such a large "other" force. I wonder who would win a war between the U.S. "others" and the Russian "others"?