Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bachmann Wins Iowa Poll, Ron Paul Second

Separated by less than 200 votes, Michele Bachmann has won the Ames, Iowa straw poll and has beaten out Ron Paul for first place.  Bachmann won with  29 percent of the vote — 4,823 votes out of a total of 16,892 ballots cast.

Ron Paul placed a close second, at  28 percent with 4,671 and Tim Pawlenty came in third at  14 percent.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum  won  10 percent, Herman Cain finished at nine percent.

16,892 votes were cast. 


  1. Congratulations to Ron Paul and all his supporters, and the RevolutionPac for a job well done!

  2. Randy Travis wins Iowa Straw Poll!!!

    You heard it here first!

    Bachmann lining up Bachman Turner Overdrive to run in NH caucuses!!!

    Native son (and daughter!) Mickey and Minnie to stand in in Florida and California primaries!

    Film at eleven!!!

  3. Ron Paul lost to Bachmann by only 152 votes! Look for the mainstream media to ignore this.

  4. This just in!!
    BTO ruled ineligible for NH caucuses!
    Turns out they're Canadian!!
    Dang, if only they were Kenyan!!

  5. Outstanding! Huge victory for Ron Paul, austrian econ, and liberty! It is becoming more and more difficult to dismiss Ron Paul and his ideas of peace, prosperity, and freedom.

    All of us who are anti war, anti police state, anti fed, and pro freedom ought to do what we can to support the one person running for president who shares our views!

  6. Congressman Ron Paul won 4,671 votes in today’s Iowa Republican Straw Poll, topping Governor Mitt Romney’s vote total from 2007 and drawing a near statistical tie with today’s winner at 27.6 percent of the vote versus 28.5 percent.

    Dr. Paul’s finish earned him a strong second place and it was the fourth highest vote total ever received by a candidate at the important test of candidate strength.

  7. A more than respectable showing. We're not going away.

  8. This is possibly the best outcome. Now, the establishment cannot say the poll is meaningless, because that hurts Michelle. If Ron had won we'd have seen every article reading about how worthless it was. Pawlenty was shown to be the empty head he is, and Bachmann's only strength is Iowa evangelicals. That was nearly not enough.

    Their only hope to spin it against Ron now is to not mention anyone but the winner.

  9. Don't you love how the media bootlickers all declared in unison that a strong showing by Ron Paul would invalidate the significance of the Ames straw poll?

    How come we have never heard, after decades of presidential elections in which one puppet of Wall Street and the arms industry is elected after another in succession, that presidential elections are meaningless?

    We are supposed to believe that Clinton, Bush and Obama were "correct" outcomes, while Ron Paul is an "error." Debt, inflation, war and a police state are desirable. Anything that stands in the way of these must not even be considered a valid option.

    If Ron Paul were to win the Republican primary and then the general election, I bet the presstitutes (thank to Gerald Celente for that richly deserved moniker) would cover their ears and close their eyes, and go on pretending that Obama was still the president. Ron Paul's victory would, in their small minds, undermine the importance of the presidential election.

  10. This morning on Christine amooobburr(don't care I cannot spell her last name) the only words spoken of Ron Paul was "and he wants to legalize heroin..." and total dismissal of his awesome 2nd place victory. You are correct, the presstitutes are nearly as bought-and-paid for as our current politicians.

    Viva the Revolution!!

    I was at the straw poll and still find it hard to believe Bachmann won. Ron Paul supporters were everywhere!! 3:1 minimum to all other candidates! I smell voter fraud in upcoming primaries. Be vigilant people of America. This is going to get ugly.