Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Ron Paul Relevance to the American Agenda

Wow, top insider political operative Roger Stone thumbs:
Ron Paul showing shows relevance to a libertarian agenda for America


  1. Not to rain on the parade but, this isn't surprising. All people everywhere at all times and ages are intuitively drawn to the impulse of personal freedom.

    Simply and frankly put, IMO, we live in a world that mind-f#@%'s one so severely it is difficult to create a coherency of the truth.

  2. Self-correction: my post should have read "...since we live....the truth though. Thus, the elation and surprise when the display of the intuitive impulse is displayed".

    Sorry for the inconvenience of the omission.

  3. I got it Larry. The public dialogue has been so corrupted by decades of Gubmint Schoolin and MSM propaganda that it's hard to open the eyes of the sheeple to the benefits of liberty.

    Some posters at ZeroHedge are wary- if they can keep the economy together for 14 more months, then DrP might get blamed for the downturn when it inevitably happens.

    No matter- even if the economy collapses the day he is inaugurated I have faith (and I don't have faith in many people, and NO politicians) that DrP can turn it around in 4 years. The presidential "bully pulpit" is very, VERY powerful!

    Dale Fitz

  4. Beware the libertarian agenda! I heard it was worse than reptillians! Can you imagine no war and fiscal sanity??!! That isn't the kind of American I want my kids to grow up in, tell you what!