Thursday, August 25, 2011

More Dirt on Rick Perry?

Robert Morrow keeps digging. And he is apparently having to deal with a flood of people with Rick Perry stories, who have contacted him since he ran his ad.

If half the stuff he is reporting is true, it will make Eliot Spitzer look like a choir boy next to Perry. Hypocrite won't begin to explain Perry.

Note: The Perry campaign denies everything,


  1. In spite of the people who call interest in Perry's "private" life (shenanigans) "prurient" and "distasteful" and "under-handed" and "fill in the blank", as the old media saying goes- "if it bleeds, it leads" -and Americans are nothing if not obsessed with sex and scandal. If this story has real legs, and at least some of it can be proven (or at least be shown to be reasonably plausible) then it will sink his candidacy.

    As I've said before, I've been hearing nasty gossip about Perry for years, and if these latest (unsubstantiated as yet) nasty bits and pieces are true, and Perry (and the banksters and other power-brokers who are supporting him) can't pay them off or make them go away (one way or another...) then he will end up like John Edwards- a once viable establishment candidate who got tripped up on his own delusions of invulnerability.

    In that case, it's a three way race- the Slick Mor(m)on, the Crazy Fundie B*+ch & her homo-obsessed hubby, and the Good Dr.

    Good times!

    Dale Fitz

  2. I'll be glad to see his ship sink, honestly. I'm tired of seeing his face on all the "Perry for President?" adds on EPJ.

    Where are the "Ron Paul for President?" adds? Where?

  3. Gallup reports,

    ..."Perry is a strong contender among key Republican subgroups. Older Republicans and those living in the South show especially strong support for him, at or near 40%. Conservative Republicans strongly favor Perry over Romney, but liberal and moderate Republicans support the two about equally. Perry's support is also above average among religious Republicans."...

    What is the problem here? Obviously the man is a saint! The viagra group loves him, everyone want's great sex, right. He is a sex symbol, and not phallically challenged. A sure winner. He also goes to church, he is a sinner, we can all relate to. I predict he will win the sin city, Las Vegas straw poll by a landslide.

  4. @Wenzel

    The media will make sure to highlight the Ron Paul supporter part of this.

    Say Perry is a bisexual philanderer.
    So he professes stuff he doesn't hold to. So what?

    Are all the green candidates walking or bicycling to work? What about all the people calling for sacrifice? Can we see their charitable donations since childhood?

    Can we see all RP's investments since his twenties? Can we trace out any connections to Barrick Gold or AngloGold? Those are pretty interesting companies, from what I've read.

    Is anyone thinking about how this desensitizes us to the boundaries between public and private? When the public culture is saturated with this kind of intrusive attention to private life it makes it easier for the government to encroach into OUR private lives?

    In some sense, we are public figures too. Would you be comfortable with people attacking your private life like this, even if you WEREN'T doing anything wrong?

    How about an ad running against RP:

    "If anyone has ever talked to RP about his investments, about private banks, gold stocks, secrecy, private vaults, please come forward. We'll pay you for any dirt you can bring up about RP's revenues, tax payments, connections to shady stock speculators and so on."

    Would you think this would be a good ad to run against RP?

    And do you think, even if RP were pure as the driven snow, something couldn't be MADE of even the most innocent remark or action?

    I couldn't care less about Perry.

    I think he's another neocon stooge and slick politician. But let that be the reason people don't vote for him, not his dysfunctional (or not) private life.

  5. Lila, poor private behavior makes Perry a candidate for blackmail by the evil bankster/money power cabal.

    If you can point to a true Libertarian politician who led a sordid personal life, I would love to see it.

    There are some politicians who were strong enough and brave enough to resist blackmail attempts; JFK was one.

    Perry is not made of stern stuff, is my sense, and would fold to military and bankster blackmailers.

    I imagine the same thing goes on behind the scenes with Obama, in regard to his birth history.

  6. @Lila,

    I agree with you 100% on your basic premise. You are making an excellent point.

  7. @Anonymous

    I'm not sure anything in the sexual realm outside pedophilia or some really screwy pictures ala Weiner is any more likely to torpedo a good candidate. Hotties of both sexes? It might even increase his following.

    You need a dead girl or a live boy, as they say.

    And if there was something like it, it can be done discreetly and he can be pressure to go, without getting into the details. That's how it used to be done and is still done in many countries.

    What are they going to blackmail him about?

    Chances are his wife already knows about it and the chances are he could survive it politically as well. He's survived it so far.

    I knew someone who was a married philandering gay Republican.

    He was a very sincere Christian (I'm not saying Perry is), who just couldn't fit that part of his life into his beliefs. He never talked about it but everyone knew about it.

    He was respected by all his friends for his integrity in every facet of his life except this. He was a perfect stitch as a comic (he loved to goof on everything gay), firmly believed that his homosexuality was something he should keep in the closet and loved his wife to death (he is dead).

    None of us ever brought up the subject nor did we think the worse of him for his opinions. I had long arguments with him about his anti-gay marriage stance, but he said that I (as a straight) didn't understand what he did about gay men, and he did, and that was his sincere conclusion.

    Who am I to tell him his Christianity is insincere? Or that he is "self-hating" or any other silly cliche? (A little self-loathing would be a positive good for a lot of people brought up on the "love me no matter what I do self-esteem culture")..

    And if he failed to live up to to his Christianity, so do millions of other people. Everyone, if you go by Jesus' words.

    Frankly, being a bi philanderer is probably far far less hypocrisy than being a thieving, bribing secular fanatic and I don't see anyone putting up ads in New York City, asking for people to come out with the dirt on the CEOs and financiers with their hands in the city's pockets and their lying lips full of "community service" and "public-private partnerships".

  8. Sorry, Lila, you lost. me at "anti-gay marriage". If I'd known his identity, I would've shouted it to the rooftops. Hypocrisy like that is corrosive, and I'm sure his decisions were negatively impacted by it.

    If someone can find something about RP, they WILL use it. Your argument, while passionate, fails miserably. It makes no sense and boils down to "it's good for me but not for thee".

    Dale Fitz

  9. i dont think anyone has a problem with perry being a bi philanderer.the problem is with him pretending to not one.
    double faced hypocrites arent going to sit well with social conservatives at all

  10. @Dale Fitz

    How is it hypocrisy?

    He was married to a woman..and occasionally he strayed..with men..and women.

    He didn't believe he should and he didn't think men should marry men.

    That is consistent.

    Most friends don't go around "outing" their friends if they disagree with them.

    Think the way I do or I'll destroy your life.
    It's a bit brownshirt, IMO.

  11. Here's all you need to know about Rick Perry:

  12. Perry's sexcapades are small potatoes next to what the elites are upto:

  13. Bear Stearns insider, hedge fund billionaire and convicted sex-offender with underage girls, Jeff Epstein, seems to have been sex-trafficking in minors for the elites. His friends included Clinton, Prince Andrew, Trump and Woody Allen.
    The girls were procured by Mossad-linked Robert Maxwell's daughter, and Epstein kept a secret black book, while spying and recording everything going on in his mansions, even in the bathroom.

    According to John Carney, Epstein's financial activities also looked shady and waved a few red flags.

    The Black book is now in the hands of the police, so the case might take an interesting turn, as we found out who among the elites got caught with his pants down.