Monday, August 15, 2011

Pat Buchanan Challenges Warren Buffett to Send the Government $5 Billion

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe", Pat Buchanan laid it on the line and called on the notoriously cheap Warren Buffett to send the government a check for $5 billion. Go Pat!

So Warren, what are you waiting for? The DEA, SEC, CFTC, TSA, FDA, FTC and the U.S. Coast Guard sponsored dog sled team just can't wait for your check (Never mind the Drone Operators of America).


  1. "Drone Operators of America"


  2. I want the pond scum in Washington retired, all of them, including all the zombies hanging on them. I don't want Buffet's money or advice. I want what is mine that I made off the sweat off my own butt. Get the crooks and carpet baggers to cease and desist and stay out of my face. I want my own life, including my children and grandchildren lives.