Monday, August 15, 2011

Politico Rips Apart Michelle Bachmann...

and props up Rick Perry.

This kind of stuff doesn't happen by accident. Rick Perry is obviously the establishment candidate. Bachmann was used to block Ron Paul and then is hit almost immediately. Check it out.

In a crowd of 300, you can find almost any quotes you want. The Politico spin is outrageous.

Politico is must reading in D.C. Put it all together and this was a total hit job to keep second-string  D.C. insiders informed that Rick Perry is the man.


  1. As nutty as Alex Jones can be, he predicted all along that Rick Perry is the establishment guy.
    Something about him being supported by the Bilderberg group, i recall.

  2. Oh...And...Don't forget to vote!


    Of course they will get their terrorist elected....When haven't they?

  3. Yep, Rick Perry IS the establishment's candidate. Apparently he is willing to do the Bilderberg group's bidding and he has been invited to their meetings several times in the past.

    The thing is this is an opportunity. Now that we know how they operate we can use it to Ron Paul's advantage. We can predict the positions he will take (which will be those that benefit the economic fascist policies of the government-corporate entities of the members of the Bilderberg group) and counter them ahead of time.

    That way we can show people that Perry is a tool of these corporatists.

  4. @Tony

    The Bilderberg Ace in the Hole

  5. The central banksters/political terrorists have spent trillions of FRNs making sure the citizen remains mentally retarded using their public schools and TV broadcasts. They will NEVER allow liberty...They will murder billions of people to remain slavemasters.

  6. I predict that Romney will be out within 2 months. All the big money types that were giving to him will now donate to Perry - the new "official" establishment guy.

  7. I guess Romney's not quite evil enough for their tastes.

  8. It's fits a disturbing plan:

    I've already seen on some other political blogs people cheerleading for a Perry(Pres)/Bachmann(VP) makes sense strategically for Neocons.

    Dilute off some of the "tea party" vote via Bachmann and whether we all want to admit it or not it pulls some sheeple off of Ron Paul that might have went his way....

    The whole thing is pretty digusting...but the mob is what it is...HL Mencken had it all right.

  9. Lol, what a great article! Especially the bit about Perry listening to good old Abe.

  10. Is Bachmann Bilderberg approved? These people own us and know what is good for us.