Monday, August 15, 2011

Warren Buffett:The Super-Rich Should Be Coerced into Giving More Money to the Super Bureaucratic Monster

Warren Buffett is out with another insane screed against some of the most productive people on the planet, America's super-rich. Granted the list contains banksters, but there are also people on the list who are simply super-productive.

Buffett wants their taxes raised. But if Buffett is so big on the super-rich giving more to government, why doesn't he simply give a big chunk of his money to government for starters, instead of calling for others to be coerced into more payments to the government?

And as far as Buffett's complaint that his employees pay more than he does, why doesn't he call for lower taxes for his employees. Outside of Buffett's narrow field of expertise, stock picking, Buffett is one sad dude. He understands revenue and expenses, but is clueless beyond that. Buffett runs a very tight ship at Berkshire Hathaway. Does he really want to give more money to the bureaucratic monster that is inefficient, suffocates the economy and is mostly  interventionist at home and  globally a war machine?

Tell us Warren how much more of your money should be allocated to drones, domestic spying, the drug war, the FDA, the FTC, the DOJ division of Anti-Trust, the DOA, TSA cancer causing scanners and the Navy band?

Warren, you are an idiot.


  1. Amazing how little this guy knows about things besides stock, yet is always given attention by the media. While Jim Rogers knows quite a bit about the entire economy, yet is rarely given the same credibility.

  2. I don't think the childish twit even considers what he says as terrorism/coersion. Does he even realize it is violent theft?

  3. I think what's motivating Ol' Warren is summed up in the title to that old Beatles' chestnut:
    "Can't Buy Me Love".
    or perhaps Phil Ochs' "Love me, I'm a Liberal".
    God I'm old.

  4. Maybe Warren needs a mistress problem, like Soros.

  5. The man is overshadowed by the legend of his father. In the context of being a rent seeker he has been very successful and it is important to distinguish the metric of "successs" in defining it...because then you have chumps like this being defined accordingly.

    I'm sure I travel in arena's where I meet more astute business men every day though they have much smaller net worth...the difference being they are truly productive and not parasitic...but by the standard of retained capital "fail" the success test.

    Warren stands for everything that is wrong under the current financial system....

  6. If Warren wants to square things up, how about a wealth tax on all those with a networth exceeding a billion dollars. How about we start with 2% Warren? That should be good enough to uncoddle and bitch slap your ass the way you want it.

    Its ironic that the rhetoric starts with "let's get the billionaires" and yet everything these bastards propose starts with thousandaires and millionaires. I also find it amazing that Buffet can fall prey to the same kind of simplistic reductionist thinking as the envious left do that taxes somehow create prosperity. They always ignore that the US was on its way out when the tax rates were higher (although people like Buffet could avoid them via shelters) and that most likely the shift in jobs away from this country was global competition and little else.

    One stupidity in his conclusion is that back in those wonderful high rate supposedly job producing days, the middle class also paid the bulk of the taxes. How can he leave that of his model of prosperity? His thinking reeks of Reich's reductionist thinking of how to fix the economy by taxing the crap out of "the rich".

    There is one way to get back to those good ol' days that Warren and the left wingers desire. If they can start a world war, make sure its fought everywhere else but the US and that most of the foreign industrial complex is destroyed, the US can be number one again just like in the late 40's and 50s.

  7. Maybe he should stop buying so many tax credits then.

  8. Buffet is too infantile for a Mistress...Maybe a mommy figure.