Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ron Paul Jumps Ahead of Bachamann in Latest Gallup Poll

Ron Paul is shaking D.C. far longer than any earthquake.The most recent numbers just released by Gallup show that Congressman Paul has now surpassed Michele Bachmann nationally:
  • Rick Perry, Texas Governor: 29%
  • Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor: 17%
  • Ron Paul, Texas Congressman: 13%
  • Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Congresswoman: 10%
Keep in mind this three point climb by Dr. Paul is despite Rick Perry entering the race.


  1. Once it comes out that Perry is basically Romney with a big belt buckle and a Texas drawl, I would expect that 29% to drop.

  2. It's even more amazing when you look at the demographic data. Ron Paul dominates in the under-30 crowd, and does very well in the 30-49 demographic. He starts falling dramatically in the 50 and older crowd (much lower in the 65 and over segment). I've got to think that's at least in part because the older demographics still get most of their news from the MSM.

    So the polling is with Perry entering the race, dominating the MSM news, and appealing to the demographics that still get all their news from the MSM. If we can break through the MSM barrier, it will make a difference.

  3. One debate with Perry and Paul in the lineup will close this gap.

  4. It's not only because the older demographic get their news from the MSM. It's because they get more from the government.

  5. Will the CEO of Gallup be forced to resign now?

  6. Anonymous @ 9:04 PM said, "He starts falling dramatically in the 50 and older crowd (much lower in the 65 and over segment). I've got to think that's at least in part because the older demographics still get most of their news from the MSM."

    From my experience with interacting with that age bracket it's not only that, it's that they want war! They go out of their way to ignore anything counter to the MSM presentation. They want bases across the earth and they see Anything which threatens Empire to be a sacrilegious attack.

    Maybe there's some in that age bracket who don't think that way, but I'm under the impression the majority does. They are the underpinnings of the Vampire Squid and how we got where we are now. They want to maintain the status quo at All costs. ... Que video of baby being informed of future payment obligations.

    But you prolly already knew that.

  7. "I've got to think that's at least in part because the older demographics still get most of their news from the MSM."

    They also want their welfare checks.

  8. Keith wrote, "They also want their welfare checks."

    That too.

    So the challenge is getting the older crowd to see, "What's In It For Me" to vote for Ron Paul.

    I guess it depends on how wide their horizons are, if they have children or grandchildren and how important is doing the right thing?

    A terrible circle completes, to the older crowd, doing the right thing means getting their checks? Sigh.

  9. Ron Paul, the choice of objective, non-political, non-voting adults. In other words, when you take out the partisanship and think logically, you vote for RP (if you vote).


    August 24, 2011

    THE ODDITY OF RON PAUL: “Republicans tend to do worse among Adults, but Ron Paul is the exception to that rule it seems. His support is unlike other Republicans, in that he does better with people who don’t vote.”

    Posted by Glenn Reynolds at 10:11 pm

    says Kelly Vlahos at Antiwar in a very good piece explaining his attraction to a country sick of war:

    "And once the liberal-leaning don of satirical late night exposed it, mainstream pundits have been saying it all over: Ron Paul is the only guy telling it “like it is,” sans stagey talking points, oft-repeated jingoisms and bumpersticker hooey.

    After years of voters saying they prefer authentic, it’s dawning on more people than ever that whether he is destined to win the primary or not, Paul is a breath of fresh air in a cloying room of blowhards. "

  11. Ron Paul also does well in the Northeast and Midwest, so I don't think it's all about welfare (although undoubtedly some of it is). Ron Pauls commercials have been running in New Hampshire and Iowa. Ron's son, Rand is obviously in Kentucky (KY is a bit weird, at least when I was growing up, So. KY is like being in the south, and N. KY is like being a yankee). I'd imagine that helps some in the midwest.

    Besides influence from the MSM, though, I'd also submit that some of it is intransigence toward the conventional wisdom -- at least I've seen that. My elderly friends like Ron Paul, but dismiss him entirely because "there's no way he can win." They seem somewhat taken aback when I come right back with "well, then we're totally screwed; there's no hope." Then I go on remark something along the lines of "changing the U.S. janitor at this point won't do much good."

  12. Paul was at 8% in the same poll in June. Two months later, he is up to 13% with Perry in the race. Bad news for the establishment...

  13. If you go to the gallup site, Paul in that polling data is number one among the 18-29 age range. He blows away the second place Perry by 8 points! He is tied for second in the 30 to 49 age group.

    As pointed out above, he does horrible once in the 50 and up group. I am sure this is because he wants to abolish SS and medicare, so maybe there should be a bigger attempt to show that he is actually going to be the only one to save them for those who have been promised the programs already?

    Since he is doing so poorly in that age bracket, that may be the easiest way to boost his ratings. I am not sure how much better he will do among the 18 to 29 bracket since he is already in first place by 8 points, and who historically don't really vote anyway.

  14. Lila Rajiva wrote, "you vote for RP (if you vote)... His support is unlike other Republicans, in that he does better with people who don’t vote."

    I don't vote. We haven't voted in 20 some years. However; we registered to vote this year and will vote for Ron Paul,... for what it's worth.
    I doubt I'll ever vote again, but no one will be able to say I did nothing.

    Opting Out is the next move.
    I hear Wyoming and Chile are nice.

  15. I spent the afternoon with a friend who is a liberal journalist. We talked about Japan, the debt ceiling debacle, the general economic malaise...and Ron Paul. She's NEVER voted for, or even supported a Republican, but she's been bringing him up to me in our conversations over the last few months, and today confided that she would prefer him to Obama- if he can win the nomination. She's young (37) so she's right in his "sweet spot" in demographics.

    If Dr Paul can reassure older voters that "entitlements" will be preserved for those who have paid into them and depend on them for survival, and bring in younger left-liberals who have grown disillusioned with Obama, then his poll numbers will get even better.

    BTW, when I told her about the issue, she got visibly upset, and began to rant about her own colleagues and their blindness to the creeping kudzu of totalitarian spying. These guys aren't sold on RP, but they're picking up the package and inspecting the ingredient list, and are tempted to try it out.

    We aren't winning yet, but we are making excellent psychic inroads.

    Dale Fitz

  16. Voluntary CooperationAugust 25, 2011 at 2:43 AM

    The really sad thing about this is that Ron Paul is probably the only hope the old folks have of not starving to death. If a libertarian revolution does not save the nation, then hard times are coming. Young people will get by because they can still work. Seniors will starve once their SS checks become worthless.

  17. Refreshing comments. Thanks, guys!

  18. It is time for everyone to redouble their efforts now that Paul is surging and in a solid third place! Donations on money bomb days, volunteering, comments on articles about Paul, letters to newspapers, etc!


    Hit piece from Washington Times, lumping Ron Paul in with Bachmann, Palin and Nader as publicity hounds running for personal celebrity, even though they "can't win". Why "can't they win"?

    If Paul "can't win", why spend so much time knocking him?


    Des Moines Register notes that the burning question from ordinary people is all about Ron Paul. They want to know why the media is ignoring him.

    And it notes that the reason Paul isn't getting as much attention as he should is because of the "iron-clad" conviction among pundits that he shouldn't.

    It's the media, as usual


    Ron Paul fans in Europe think he's the guy to stop the Fed's money printing.