Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Black Belt in Economic Reasoning to Reveal Some of His Secrets

If you want to see Paul Krugman thrown on his butt, Robert Reich stomped on and John Maynard Keynes raised from the dead, only to be cremated, than you need to take the course given online by David Gordon, that starts tomorrow.

Lew Rockwell calls him the Philosopher of Liberty. More than one person has told me that Gordon is the smartest man in the libertarian movement today. If Arsitotle's observation holds that a friend is another self, then it says something that among Gordon's closest friends were the formidable thinkers Murray Rothbard and Robert Nozick.

Even the Beltatrians can't stay away from Gordon. I understand that when Tyler Cowen was in Los Angeles, he sought out Gordon and made it a point to see him regularly.

Gordon's course is about the the laws of logic and the laws of economics, but it is really about a maestro with a biting wit at work.

You can sign up for the course, here.


  1. I wish I had the money :(

  2. I always assumed that he was friends with Rothbard, but I never knew about the Nozick connection. That is really interesting. Could you elaborate any on that? Thank you very much.