Monday, September 5, 2011

CNN's John King Disses Ron Paul

I rarely watch CNN's John King (pretty boring), but the television was on and so was King.  He was discussing Jim DeMint's Palmetto Freedom Forum, where Republican presidential candidates appeared on Monday.

While doing some paperwork, I was half-paying attention, to see if Ron Paul's name would come up. But King never brought up Dr. Paul's name. Neither did one of the two talking heads that I had never seen on television before.

The closest King came to mentioning Congressman Paul's name went something like this:
Well, there are the top tier Republican candidates, Mitt Romney, and Michelle Bachmann is fading.
But towards the end of the show, the other of the two guest talking heads said something along the lines(and again I have no idea who these heads are)
John, what I really want to see before this is all over is Ron Paul debate Joe Biden.
King laughed so hard a thought he was going to fall out of his chair.

If someone has a youtube clip of this moment please post the link in the comments and I will post it here at this post.

But just who the hell is this King guy to be laughing at Ron Paul's consistent Constitutional stance?


  1. He's CIA. You didn't know that?

  2. If you watched the horrible coverage of the Forum,
    big mouth King(obviously under the impression that what he has to say is important) and the crappy 3 minutes of CNN commercials about Government motors, insurance scams, and scooter store specials,every 5 minutes pretty much destroyed the coverage of all the candidates. MSM you never cease to amaze me how worthless you are.

  3. Judging by CNN and King's ratings, hardly anyone else watched this.

  4. John King's wife is Dana Bash, senior CNN correspondent. Her previous husband is Jeremy Bash, chief of staff of Leon Panetta, when he was at the CIA, as well as later.

    Spook Media.