Monday, September 5, 2011

President Signals the Infrastructure Scam is Coming

WSJ reports:
President Barack Obama signaled Monday he'll propose a major infrastructure program and an extension of a payroll tax break in the jobs speech he planned to deliver Thursday before a joint session of Congress.
In an animated Labor Day talk before an enthusiastic crowd of union members in Detroit, Mr. Obama, who has been battered by low poll numbers and a sense that he's been unable to recharge the economy, sought to seize the initiative at the outset of a week in which both parties will focus heavily on job-creation ideas.
"We've got roads and bridges across this country that need to be rebuilt," Mr. Obama said. "We've got private companies with the equipment and manpower to do the building. We've got more than one million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty right now."
As I have been pointing out since early last month, the infrastructure scam is about helping unions and, especially, banksters.

The key words, jobs and infrastructure, poll well and Obama is going to use those loaded terms to shovel more money through the banksters. Obama's new buddy, Robert Wolf, Chairman of UBS Americas and President of UBS Investment Bank, is stick handling the details for the banksters, and Obama is all in.

It will be trillions more wasted, with a good chunk not getting past the banksters.


  1. Obama's proposal sounds like shovel ready projects 2.0

  2. I hope Ray gives us a budget update. The old one is the same as the new one. Sing on Ray.

  3. Why not build sand castles at low tide--perpetual make work projects for the unions and poverty for the rest of the nation

  4. I love it, using Labor Day to promote "labor" and unions. This is like going to church on Christmas or Easter, yet the religion they are preaching is Marxism, and blatantly. Anyways, I'm curious as to how big this infrastructure New Deal 2.0 is going to work. Will we see a massive influx of ABS for the banks to sell like Fannie/Freddie guaranteed garbage to the extent a new financial bubble will occur?

  5. 1 mile of road takes 5,500 gallons of liquid asphalt and God knows how much oil to transport and apply it.

    The best way to save oil and keep prices down would be to insulate homes.

    Leave it to these effing morons to not only screw with the economy, prop up their bankster friends but pick the worst possible way to do it.

  6. The President thinks all 'low-life' construction workers can build roads! A carpenter is a highly skilled trade, an electrician is a highly skilled trade, a plumber the same, a drywall installer the same, a roofer the same and so on. You can not just lump all "construction workers" in his neat and tidy little lump and they don't all "build roads and bridges".

  7. He's sold out to the big money and who pays of all this garbage, the taxpayers of course. There is very little hope and certainly little change left for the country now. I would like to say he's an idiot, but he isn't as he is lining his own pockets now.

  8. Listen up. When I first got my driver license and drove cross country, gasoline cost 17.9 to 19.9 cents per gallon, INCLUDING all road taxes. Today when we buy gasoline the taxes are way more than 100 times higher per gallon. Back then, those gasoline taxes paid to build the interstate highway system, and untold other roads. If they cut gas taxes in half, they'd still have plenty of money to build, expand and repair the roads. At the very least, spend NO MORE money on roads than gasoline tax income. Period.

    Obama is a scam artist, even worse than Bush before him, which seemed impossible at the time.

  9. Great. Better roads and bridges and people without money to put fuel in their vehicles to drive on them...

  10. He's probably terrified the Unions will ditch him.

  11. Like in Europe...Taxes are so high that 70% can't afford to drive but the roads are really nice.

    Where is Obama going to get the money?

    This ignorant socialist parasite is in WAY over his head.

  12. It's like noticing that your house is completely infested with termites and then after 2 1/2 to 3 years, deciding to call up the painters to cover up the deterioration.

    First off if he was serious about the problem, he would have long ago started a real comprehensive jobs program as per his "promises of change".

    Now, instead of admitting his mistakes and inability to generate any kind of leadership following, he is only out for himself, to the great detriment of the people, the economy, and the nation.

    The sad part is that all of the trillions squandered for the banking bailout fiasco, the QE & QE II etc., could have easily put the nation back on solid footing and even allowed us to lead the world out of this economic quagmire.

    This is apparently an intentionally created situation which will ultimately result in the Greater Depression, thus opening the door to a huge power grab for world dominion and control -- reducing the facts, there exists no other logical explanation. (A.S.37)

  13. Would anyone care to provide constructive comments to expose this scam? I can do without the bitching and moaning.

  14. @Anonymous 3:16 PM,

    Those were the constructive ones (most of them)! Lol!

    Seriously, most readers here know the score, so perhaps you should be more specific with what it is, exactly, that you are asking to know. I'm sure most, if not all, will respond sincerely from an AE perspective.

  15. @ Larry,

    By "constructive comments to expose this scam", I would like to know what we can do about it. Do we protest like the Greeks, write our congresspersons to vote against this, expatriate to another country, claim individual sovereignty and withhold our taxes, or what? What are our options besides bending over and taking it?

  16. Anonymous@ 6:02 PM,

    Start here: and, if you value your time for more productive uses, don't waste it writing to members of Congress.

  17. Another Solyndra that's what this is,,,400to500billion in taxpayer dollars gone.The hugh solar power company gone along with our money. Impeachment proceedings need to start now. Stop giving this bastard our money.