Friday, September 9, 2011

HOT: ECB Chief Economist to Resign Over Policy

European Central Bank Executive Board Member and Chief Economist Juergen Stark will step down from his post because of a conflict over the central bank's controversial bond-buying program, two sources told Reuters on Friday.

Stark has been a monetary hawk and against the ECB printing money or otherwise propping up weak eurozone governments. His views can be viewed as most in line with Germany and his resignation is likely a signal that the money printers have taken over the headquarters.

Bottom line: The ECB is about to join in with the global inflationists, led by Ben Bernanke.

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  1. What did you think they would do?
    The banksters will always print more counterfeit money...why would they not? What are their little sheeple going to do about the price inflation? get angry? Then what?
    Zimbabwe still exists...right?