Friday, September 9, 2011

What Next? Ron Paul is Filming More Ads Today

Following up on his very successful ad campaign against Rick Perry, which pointed out the big government positions that Perry has held, Ron Paul is filming more ads today, reports Politico.

I can't wait. This should be fun.


  1. Great. Time to step up the pressure that already has Perry rattled.

  2. My personal opinion is they should make a commercial that calls out all they guys saying various versions of "he's crazy," and mock them outright.

    It's crazy to want money that can't be printed out of thin air.

    It's crazy to think that if a foreign country attacks and kills your child, you'll hold a deadly grudge against that country.

    It's crazy to believe in Jesus' "Golden Rule" of "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you."

    And on, and on. Mocking is often the most effective way of dealing with these bozos.

  3. I would like to see something similar to this.

  4. My apologies; I don't believe the link is working for the first video. Here's a link that does work.

  5. Here's another version with some alterations.

  6. Larry - that's a nice commercial, and well done, but maybe we could have one thats not anti chinese or something. other than that its pretty good though.

  7. Anonymous@ 7:18,

    I understand, although I'm not so sure it's "anti-Chinese", it could be misconstrued that way. That's why I chose to use the word "similar" (i.e. thematically) in my original post.

    I believe with some tweaking the general theme involved in it does have enormous potential for Ron Paul though.

  8. Interestingly enough that video has been "removed by the user" according to youtube.

    There is an entirely different version (which I can't get posted) titled "Banned" Commercial: Ron Paul 2012 posted by a user named christianmalazarte.

    It has interesting differences from the one produced by CAGW.