Saturday, September 10, 2011

White House Using Paul Krugman to Advance Obama Jobs Plan

NYT columnist Paul Krugman is discussing it in a different context, but the real take away from this quote is that Obama's team is using Krugman to advance Obama's nutty jobs proposal:
I do very little “insider” stuff — not my thing. In the case of the new jobs proposal, however, the WH did make a point of giving me the plan in advance, under very strict embargo — which was necessary given the logistics of filing a column from someplace 8 hours ahead.



    This will eventually be the result. I love how some Ron paul fan took the China ad and somewhat altered it to being for Ron Paul.

  2. yes, Krugman is a tool.

  3. This just gives us more opportunities to humiliate him in the future (granted, it won't be much different than now.) When details emerge that $1 billion was spent on teaching monkeys to break dance, we can ask Kruggy if he gave that program any economic scrutiny. When the entire plan fails to create any jobs, we can ask him if he knew that the plan he saw would fail, and if he did, why did he approve of it?

    Again, won't make a difference for that intellectual whore, but we'll have some fun with it.

  4. I wish Henry Hazlitt was still writing columns.

  5. We don't have Hazlitt but we do have Schiff! He cuts through Obama's latest BS like a hot knife through butter.