Friday, October 28, 2011

Peter Schiff Visits Occupy Wall Street

And meets a lot of people who don't understand how free markets work.


  1. Those protesters weren't wrong, Peter was just muting them the whole time

  2. Schiff is doing the Lord's work, taking the gospel to the sinners. Well done sir.

  3. Credit schiff for having the balls to confront the majority collectivists en masse.

    I'm surprised they didn't empty his wallet and dump him on the curb.

  4. This really is scary. Some of these folks thing they are brilliant. You can thank public education and their parents spoiling them.

  5. Excellent video, more should be done to reach out to them, though this format of one person debating a crowd might not be the most effective.

    Schiff was also on Anderson Cooper's show last night with Cornel West.

  6. It's very annoying to hear people talk about large corporations and government as if they are the same thing; as if they both have the same power. They do not.

    It's all about force. The government has a legal monopoly on the use of force. Private individuals and institutions do not have the legal ability to use force unless they go to the one entity that can "legally" use force: the government.

    As long as there are government regulations and agencies which affect them, individuals and private institutions will always seek to utilize the governments' legal ability to use force through those agencies and regulations.

    It is incredible that people cannot see that obvious difference between a private corporation and the government.

    I can almost understand some of the younger people there not understanding that concept. What really disturbs me are the older folks in this video who are so clueless. I think that a person reaches a certain age where they loose the excuse of ignorance in something so important as the issue of why they enjoy the standard of living that they do. Very sad.

  7. Schiff is really good about private property (within the US). Outside the US, what are his views I wonder.

    Does private property also apply to foreign countries? Is empire compatible with private property?

    Without the context of empire, you can't understand the crisis.

    Schiff doesn't talk about monopoly.

    Without choice, there is no practical liberty.

    To understand monopoly, you must understand money, credit, networks.

    To understand networks, you have to understand ideology.

    Capitalist versus Communist is the dialectic (and the dialect) that the elites want you to speak.

    It reinforces the left-right, dem-repub, poor-rich divide.

    Nothing transformational will ever come out of that dialectic except more concentration of power.

  8. This is all very interesting, but I think it's hard to have these kinds of discussions in like 2 or 3 minutes with people just walking by. If we want to discuss topics like these, like the robber barons, whether WWII pulled us out of the great depression, etc., we have to talk in detail for probably hours on these subjects. We have to take in all the works of Dilorenzo, Woods, Higgs, etc on economic history and discuss them. Nothing gets done when we talk about things in 30 second soundbites.

  9. My take away from watching this is that we are f****d as a nation if this is what our education system is producing. I fully expected to hear the typical left wing progressive/socialist arguments against capitalism/free markets and was ready to enjoy a nice semi-cerebral back and forth debate. Instead what I got was an eye opener from the inarticulateness and almost cartoonish, if not child-like, understanding these people have of the things they are protesting for and against. I really wish I didn't watch this! Now I feel horrible for exposing my children to the system that produced these people. I got to have a stiff drink!

  10. Schiff allowed these OWS kids more speaking time than he did Wenzel on his radio show.

  11. @Anon 9.14
    You surprised?
    I'm not. Think about it.

  12. @ Anon 4:47:

    I agree. I am growing more and more convinced that the school system is the worst place for a child, whether it be intellectually, morally, or any which way.

  13. Of course not because he knows Wenzel knows econ theory at least as well as him. So that is why he was drowned out while these idiot hippies were given plenty of time to speak.