Monday, October 24, 2011

The Wall Street Occupiers Think of Soros as a 'Chocolate Laxitive'

File under: You Can't Make This Up

Sam Blumenfeld at New American writes about Occupation Wall Street and informs:
The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek, who writes for Adbusters, turned up at Zuccotti Park to address the Occupy Wall Street demonstration on Sunday, offering up a seminar on Radicalism 101 for an appreciative crowd.

Noting that he supports George Soros, he compared him to a chocolate laxative. Since chocolate is said to be constipating, he explained — a controversial point — Soros is similarly exhibiting an internal contradiction. “First they take billions from you, then they give back half,” he said. “And that makes them the world’s greatest humanitarians.” Take the money, sure, he advised, but don’t stop fighting to overturn a system that makes it necessary.
Since Adbusters launched OWS and is now promoting the Soros call for a financial transaction tax, it appears that what is really going on is that Adbusters is taking marching orders from the Chocolate Laxative man. They can't hide the fact that they are taking Soros money, so they are telling the OWS crowd that they are holding their noses while taking the money. Though they don't explain to the crowd that their promotion of a "Robin Hood Tax" on traders will be a major benefit to Soros.


  1. I'm sure to the crowd that believes that wealth is a static thing and that the only way for one person to gain wealth is to take it from another, this kind of full-on-retard thinking makes a lot of sense. This is the kind of thinking that is required when your ideology is based on hypocrisy. One thing that is for sure going to result from this whole #ows protest is that there will be a lot of very confused young people.

  2. The 'ol "the ends justify the means" claptrap. Who woulda thunk?

  3. Proof that these people don't understand and/or have already been co-opted: