Thursday, November 3, 2011

BLEG! Super Twitter Nightmare

More problems as a result of the Blogger "upgrade"

I have solved the Twitter problem which results in Twitter readers being sent to the RSS feed rather than directly to the linked page. I just signed up through Twitter to take the feed and Tweet it with a good link. HOWEVER, the old bad feed is still being sent to Twitter. I just spoke to the webmaster that originally set up the Twitter feed for me and he doesn't remember what service he used to send the feed to Twitter.

Thus, at this point, Twitter is sending out a good link tweet and a bad link tweet on all posts.

How do I find out what service is sending the bad feed so that I can shut off?


  1. When logged into Twitter, click on your face in the top right corner, then settings, then applications. External sites accessing your account will be listed there. If the mystery service isn't listed there, then simply changing your Twitter password should fix the problem.

  2. Hey Robert....I believe that he's using Twitterfeed:

    It say it in the URL near the end: