Monday, November 21, 2011

Developing: More U.S. Pressure on Iran

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will deliver remarks at approximately 4:45 PM, today, to outline new steps the United States is taking to increase pressure on Iran.


  1. What the f does the Treasury Secretary have to do with foreign relations?

  2. Any aerial bombardment would likely be planned around the new moon for maximum stealth at night, as well as maximum contrast ratio for IR targeting. The next new moon occurs at 9:40am local time in Tehran, on November 25th. The darkness on Friday night and into Saturday morning would still be sufficient to allow any attack to begin after sundown on Friday, and after markets had closed for the weekend. The next opportunity would be the overnight of Christmas Eve, so if they wait that long, the IDF might be on their own, since NORAD would have to request an airspace exemption from Santa.

  3. This can't be true. Bob Schieffer told me the US has no plans to bomb Iran!

  4. Flash (via Reuters) :Obama orders sanctions on Irans energy and petrochemical sectors.

    The beating of the war drums begin.

  5. I wish the government would turn on itself. FBI vs CIA. Fannie vs Freddie. White House vs the Capitol. Nothing left but flaming rubble and millions of free Americans.

  6. I will readily admit that I thought that Iran would be the next military campaign in the autumn of 2007. While I am certainly glad that my belief did not come into fruition, I am also aghast at the fact that the same propaganda has not ceased since then.

    Lately, the PTB has been increasing its focus upon Syria. This is all part of the same deal, Syria and Iran have a mutual-defense treaty, so if either nation is "humanitarian mission'd" or "kinetic military actioned", you can rest assured that that action brings both Syria and Iran into the foray. Let's not forget trading partners such as China and Russia (who are also militarily invested).

    Who know how many have died by the everyday routine of the likes of Clinton(s) and Timmy G? I certainly could not bear to live with their conscience upon my shoulders.

  7. Back during a previous round of anti-Iranian sabre rattling, libertarian writer James Leroy Wilson had this to say (see here for full article.):

    "..A woman is investigated for the attempted murder of her wealthy former boyfriend, but the only "evidence" is that she had purchased some legal drugs that could be used to poison him. The police try to sway public opinion against her, claiming she's mentally imbalanced and has a rap sheet. But then they claim something rather odd, that the ex-boyfriend continually threatens her and therefore she has good reason to want to kill him. After portraying her as murderous and crazy, they then admit she'd be crazy if she didn't try to kill him just to protect herself. Oh, by the way, the ex-boyfriend also happens to be the Chief of Police, who had already killed one of his other ex-girlfriends. He got away with it because, well, he's the Chief of Police.

    This is similar to the U.S.'s relationship to Iran, where the U.S. is the ex-boyfriend..."

    I suppose this time the sabre rattling also provides a diversion from looking at bad economic news.

  8. Robert,

    Here is a link to the sanctions that Obama (unilaterally) imposed on Iran yesterday. I love how this was tucked away in the news right when the Super committee made their announcement. I am not seeing this Iran story ANYWHERE today.