Monday, November 21, 2011

Trump: I Am Worth $7 Billion and I Might Run for President

Donald Trump is about to come out with a new book, Time to Get Tough. This will mean another round of Trump headlines and Trump on talk shows. But all you really need to know about the book, you can find out here and now.

In the book Trump breaksdown his net worth, which, according to Trump, includes $270 million cash. He also tells us his "branding value" is worth $3 billion out of the total $7 billion net worth.

Here's Politico, on what Fox News, is reporting about Trumps book, including an excerpt:
"I was so close (to running) that I had already prepared the Public Financial Disclosure Report required of a presidential candidate. That's a big deal because the Trump Organization is a private company, and people don't know what I'm really worth. So, I had the independent firm Predictive, which is used by government agencies and top companies like GM, Visa, Pfizer, and others, prepare valuations on branding, and we filled out the other areas of the long and complex presidential Public Financial Disclosure Report."

He shares three pages from the disclosure in the book.

Here's a summary of those pages:

*Trump's Net Worth: $7,004,900,000.

$3 Billion of that is from what is estimated as "Brand Value" — "The Trump Brand Value has been established by Predictive, the highly respected brand valuation company, measuring the financial impact of intangibles such as brand, strategy execution, innovation, and post-merger integration. Other Predictive Clients include: Visa, Southwest Air, Pfizer, GM, UPS, and Major League Baseball."

*According to this disclosure statement — Trump has $270,300,000 Cash and Marketable Securities on hand.

*Real Estate owned 100% by Trump — more than $3.2 Billion dollars worth.

*Real Estate partially owned by Trump — more than $900,000,000.
Trump also says in the book, according to Politico, that he would run as a third-party hopeful if the GOP picks "the wrong candidate."


  1. Yeah, but does he have any nickels? LOL

  2. Trump is a clown. I don't think he knows he's a clown either.

  3. Prepare for terminal Trump bloviation. Ego book will lift all offers.

  4. Oy vey, this freakin' guy. $3 billion in "brand value"? Az der bubbe vot gehat baytzim vot zie geven mein zayde (yiddish for if my grandmother had balls, she'd be my grandfather). Just like his vlog where he said that he didn't need the money, but that NBC offered him so much money to do another season of his show that he just couldn't turn it down.

    There is no doubt that he is rich, but he also the biggest bullshitter in the entire universe. The guy is so full of himself that he even had a board game named "Trump" in the 80s (I actually had it when I was a kid). Some of the complete crap that he said during his "supposed" presidential campaign made me feel as if I had received "five across the eyes" by the great, trenchant hand of idiocy.

  5. New Yorkers are clowns.
    They have childish minds and being around them is aggravating as, umm, Little Mikey "Der PsychoBratFuhrer" Bloomberg.

  6. $3 billion in brand value? More like ego value. Very sad!