Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Message from George Soros: He Is Not the Apartment Fairy

I guess if you  need a place to stay, George Soros would rather have you stay in a tent at Occupy Wall Street, where you can then march all day for his causes, e.g. a financial transaction tax, to stay warm. rather than expect him to pick up the tab on a dream apartment on 85th street in NYC, even if you were shacking up with him.

Bess Levin considers why Soros may be unwilling to spring for an apartment for his ex-lover and is willing to have the entire messy dispute air out in public via the courts :
 While we have no intimate knowledge of the situation vis-à-vis who’s telling the truth and who’s telling lies here, as a thought experiment for the group, perhaps we can explore the question of why Georgie is still carrying on with this whole thing? Obviously when he decided to put the “on-again, off-again non-exclusive relationship” on ice, he could have just let Ferreyr keep the apartment, as it amounted to less than pocket change for him; he also could have, by this point, chosen to settle, rather than letting it all play out publicly. Is the refusal to do so in either case a conscious decision by Soros to send a message to any would-be on-again, off-again non-exclusive girlfriends that apartments don’t grow on trees? And that when their time together is over, they shan’t expect any parting gifts, nor should they expect him to roll over and take it when said assets are demanded of him, like he’s the god damn apartment fairy? 

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