Friday, November 18, 2011

OWS Organizers: It's Time to Turn Militant with Flashmobs, Stink Bombs and Edgy Theatrics

Adbusters, the organization that launched Occupy Wall Street, is calling on occupiers to turn more militant.

At their website, Adbusters in what they identify as "Tactical Briefing #19" advise occupiers this way:
New York's billionaire Mayor decided to snuff us out. We wanted a Tahrir Moment, an American Spring, and he attacked us in the middle of the night while we slept. These kinds of attacks on peaceful protestors did not work in Tunisia, not in Egypt, they are not working in Syria right now, and – wake up Bloomberg & Co! – they are not going to work in America either.

This assault has stiffened our resolve. Now begins the second, visceral, canny, militant phase of our nonviolent march to real democracy...

We will turn this winter into a training ground for precision disruptions – flashmobs, stink bombs, edgy theatrics – against the megacorps and the unrepentant 1%, a festival of resistance in the snow with, or without, an encampment that'll lay the tactical foundation for our Spring Offensive


  1. This assault has stiffened our resolve. Now begins the second, visceral, canny, militant phase of our nonviolent march to real democracy...

    By "real democracy", Adbusters of course means economic democracy, which of course means socialism.

    This is not in the American grain. We were never supposed to be a democracy. Just look at what can be voted away by popular vote! Individual rights and economic freedom!

  2. Please, comparing the conditions in Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria to this yupster hissy fit being thrown is insulting.

    And we should all be warry and suspicious of the funny-looking guy advocating disruption, property damage, and disruption.

  3. The saddest thing of all is that these idiots liken themselves to people that are well and truly trampled upon. Can't we just ship these loons to those other places they mentioned, so they can see what true hardcore injustice is all about?

  4. This entire OWS movement is very Robbsian (after John Robb) and stands to me as a case study on open source warfare. Mr. Wenzel, I'm familiar with Adbusters and Soros as the originators of this movement but I'm curious about your thoughts regarding OWS in the global guerilla context and what it means to state power going forward.

    Despite the move toward centralized political authority I still feel we are on the long eventual path toward the end of the nation state.

  5. Anonymous at 12:58:

    I'm afraid many in the OWS movement don't want an end to the state; they feel it is necessary, even vital to civilization, provided the right people, their people, are running it.

    We all know that no matter who's running it, the system itself is corrupt as Mises so clearly pointed out and Rothbard elaborated upon.

  6. @JFF

    Right on the money:

    "The worst thing that can happen to a socialist is to have his country ruled by socialists who are not his friends." - Ludwig Von Mises

  7. I see a lot of "us," "we," and "our". This movement has been about collectivism from the start, and this is just more evidence of that.

  8. I bet if Der Fuhrer Bloomberg gave them stuff for free they would leave.

  9. I still don't understand why they can't follow the example of the supposedly Neanderthal Tea party and work the political process peacefully to change things the way they want. American's are typically turned off by mob violence, no matter the cause, so if they do resort to that, you can watch their support dwindle down to the low single digits. In many respects that is what has turned American's against unions and inspired the typical pejorative term "union thug". The 70s was full of lots of union thuggery and people became turned off of the labor movement (except government of course which uses them to funnel campaign contributions).

  10. I know that I had a bowl of popcorn sitting around here somewhere...