Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rand Paul Introduces Resolution to End War in Iraq

Sen. Rand Paul has introduced an amendment to the Department of Defense Authorization bill to formally end the war in Iraq.

"On several occasions this year, Congress has been ignored or remained silent while the President committed our forces to combat. It is my intention to urge Congress to reclaim its constitutional authority over the decision to go to war, or to end a war - it is one of the body's most important powers," Sen. Paul said. "It is right that we wrest it back from a President who has shown he cannot be trusted to obey the Constitution or powers prescribed to Congress in it."

"Americans should celebrate the safe return of our soldiers, thank those who served, and mourn those we lost. We should honor them by committing to a return to a more rational and constitutional foreign policy," Sen. Paul added.

President Obama has ordered withdrawal of most forces by the end of the year, but US troops and private contractors will remain to protect the Green Zone, the Irai out post of the US empire,.


  1. Sure Rand isn't Ron, but dang if he doesn't make my day from time to time.

  2. I wish he'd include Afghanistan.

  3. One step at a time. Grab the low hanging fruit, then the rest should follow suit.

    Need not only to reduce troop levels, but also to cut back the private contractors. What's the point of the number of contractors increasing while number of troops decrease?