Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ron Paul on "Why the People of Pakistan Can't Stand Our Guts"

During an appearance this morning on Fox News Sunday, Ron Paul explained the blowback that is occurring because of US drone attacks in Pakistan.

"Sometimes they miss and sometimes there's collateral damage. And every time we do that, we develop more enemies," Congressman Paul said.

"We're dropping a lot of drone missile/bombs in Pakistan and claim we've killed so many, but how about the innocent people [who have] died? Nobody hears about that. This is why the people of Pakistan can't stand our guts and why they disapprove of their own government," he said.

"We're bombing Pakistan and trying to kill some people, making a lot of mistakes, building up our enemies, at the same time we're giving billions of dollars to the government of Pakistan," he added. "We're more or less inciting a civil war there, so I think that makes us less safe.

"For everyone you kill, you probably create 10 new people who hate our guts and would like to do us harm."

Dr. Paul also commented on the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, saying the focus on the allegations "dilutes the real debate."

"The media's blown that way out of proportion," Paul said. "I don't like these distractions."

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