Monday, December 5, 2011

Central Banking and Israel

Mirand Sharma emails:
I remember your post regarding the central bank of Israel increasing their money supply by over 50% since 2009. 
Here is a video of what's going on in Israel now, of course not reported by our media:

Your original post is here.


  1. Thanks for posting this, Bob. Great to see a sizeable protest in Israel.

    The governments of the U.S. and Israel, along with the U.K., are the instruments of much evil in this world.

    We in the U.S. do not read about Israeli protests against their government and its terrible actions with the Palestinians. I read in passing that the Israeli press covers that, so I began scanning Haaretz today. Yep, Israelis get a broader range of perspectives in their press than we Americans do.

    Good to see the U.S. and Israeli governments on the defensive, now.

  2. "We are taking our country back."

    I wonder how the Palestinians feel about that statement.

  3. First, I want to add to the mention of the inflation problem, there's a housing crisis going on and after prices went up so much, they started to go down very sharply. There are huge discounts for houses, and still almost nobody is buying. It seems that the prices will go much lower. This is going to be very interesting.

    Second, this video is a bit old. I've been to Rothschild's Boulevard (shown in the video) last week. It is completely empty and clean, you can't tell that there was a protest. It's been like that for more than a month.

    Also the video is misleading. It gives you the sense that people are protesting against high prices and the high cost of living. But what actually happened, and it is written on most of the signs in Hebrew shown in this video, is that people protested for more welfare and more government intervention. They protested against the government for not doing enough.

    - Tal

  4. Israel has paid a price for its money printing and for being a country experiencing hot money inflows. It is experiencing debt deflation, that is currency debasement of the value of its stocks, which are traded by the ETF EIS.

    Dislocation out of the Milton Friedman Free To Choose floating currency regime has caused the greatest disinvestment out of these country stocks EZA, EPU, RSX, EWI, INP, EWZ, ARGT, ECH, EPOL, EIS, TUR, EWO, … as well as out of these basic material stocks FCX, VALE, BHP, CLF, AA, SCCO, POT, CF, RIO, BVN, SQM, ACH, MXI, MCP … as well as out of these basic material ETFs EMMT, MXI, CHIM, COPX, ALUM, IYM, XLB, URA, KOL, SIL, XME, REMX, WOOD, SLX.

    In my linked article Ten Days To A United States Of Europe, I write that the seigniorage of diktat is rising to replace the seigniorage Of fiat money.

  5. Seems like the dude in the black tank top is just there to pick up miserable/escape-seeking chicks...Smart guy.

  6. "... and the econommic[s] where everyone can do whatever he wants, its not working for us."

    They are protesting the free market. This is garbage.