Sunday, December 18, 2011

Newt Crashing: It's Down to Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in Iowa

Here's the latest tweet from the very accurate polling firm Public Policy Polling:
The Sunday interviews are going to determine our leader in Iowa...very close between Romney and Paul. Newt likely down to 3rd.



  1. Dr. Paul can win if people use that thing above their shoulders for something other than a way of stuffing their faces with pizza and watching football.

    I laugh at the tweet responses thus far.

    Clown-in-chief? Really? Is the typical American really that clueless?

    Ron Paul is a return to the concepts that made America great in the first place and not an unhealthy adherence to a system that is quite obviously broken.

    I would have given more to his recent money bomb but I'm maxed out for donations. This is from a man who has never donated to a campaign in his life.

    Suppose ill have to start sending money to Tom Woods SuperPAC for Dr. Paul.

    I wish the good congressman all my best and hope he continues to surge in the polls.

    We need him desperately.

  2. All RP supporters should be spending their free time using the RP phone bank to contact Iowa voters. I know I plan on doing that this week. This is going to come down to the wire, so every phone call helps! At this point for Iowa, the phone calls for out of state residents are even more important than donations with such little time left.


    Aww, the poor amphibian.

  4. Here's a link to the new poll. Ron Paul now standing alone as the clear front runner with 23%, Mitt 20% and The Grinch coming in a distant third with 14%