Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 25 Most Visited EPJ Posts in 2011

1. FOX NEWS: "What is Austrian economics and who were Mises and Hayek?"

2. The National Monetary Insanity Act

3. HOT MUST SEE NIGEL FARAGE VIDEO--You Have Never Seen a Political Leader Say Anything Like This Before

4. White House: We Lied the First Time

5. Ron Paul on the Sneaky Way Congress Will Raise Taxes and Keep the War in Libya Going

6.Ron Paul's Stock Portfolio

7.Must See Video: Ron Paul on 'The Tonight Show"

8.Behind the Crash in Gold

9.Understanding Why Ron Paul Knows More About Inflation Than Does Paul Krugman

10.Soros Makes a Move to Control Global Police Forces

11. The Secretive Inner Circle of 'Occupy Wall Street'

12.Krugman Says It Would Have Been Better for the Economy if the Earthquake had Done More Damage

13. Senior Fed Economist Calls Ron Paul a Pinhead

14. The Most Endangered Federal Tax Deductions

15. A Warning to the Tea Party about Ellen Brown by Gary North

16. American Arrested in Mexico for Carrying 150 Gold Coins; Coins Seized (Second year on list!)

17. Roubini's Off the Wall History of Financial Crashes

18. Rick Perry, Massive Statist

19. The Case for IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn Being Set-Up

20. The Case for $25,000 per Ounce Gold

21. Paul Krugman Exposes Milton Friedman (Thanks to Ron Paul)

22. Another Ron Paul Critic at the Fed: "I Know Some Powerful People"

23. The Truth About Churchill, Truman, FDR, Wilson and Trotsky

24. Oh Geez, Charles Koch Advised Friedrich Hayek to Sign Up for Social Security

25.How the Elite Talk in Code (Three years on list!)

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