Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Parties of Davos

When attendees at the World Economic Forum in Davos aren't discussing "what's wrong with capitalism", they are partying at events hosted by the firms that create the finest in consumer goods, by tools of the evil elitists (see, KPMG,Accenture,PwC,Deloitte---all who have teams of economic hit men),  And, naturally, what's an elitist gathering without a reception hosted by the elitist daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Capitalist hater Henry Blodget was there to snap pics.


  1. Blodgett hates people who don't want to be owned by the state. He is a state terrorist.

  2. I am sure Chelsea was acting in good capitalist tradition, booking more speech sessions for Daddy and her. They seem to have a really merchandisable item so why not remind everyone what it is...the presidency of the USA and it may not be passe, with Mom still hanging in there!

    Isn't Capitalism wonderful!

  3. What happened to medical school and becoming a doctor who could be a relatively productive member of society?