Saturday, January 28, 2012

Topless Ukrainian Protesters Land in Davos

Remember the topless Ukrainian protesters who ended up protesting in Russia?

Well, they have made it to Davos, Switzerland, where they are protesting at the World Economic Forum.

Topless Ukrainian protesters demonstrate at the entrance ... Anja Niedringhaus / AP

A topless Ukrainian protester is arrested by Swiss police... Anja Niedringhaus / AP

Here's video:

I'm not exactly sure what these gals are for or against, but I think in the interest of advancing praxeology  Bob Murphy and I should head over to the Ukraine and find out.


  1. Try this:
    "Hey Babe, you want a little Human Action?".

  2. Hilarious! But I'm not sure this is the best way for them to get their message taken seriously...

  3. I'm getting some crazy 'imaginary construction' here.

  4. Wenzel it might be pretty cold, but if you do it, I'm in.

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    Some economist pick up lines.

  8. It is scary to think that these babes are the smartest people on earth.
    At least they know who owns them and probably 99.9% of earthlings do not even realize that they are slaves of these global terrorists.

  9. They are really stimulating....the economy.

  10. *YAWN*

    Just more misplaced anger.

    P.S. Put a shirt on.

  11. They're so "poor" that they could afford makeup, trendy haircuts, and transporation to Davos.

    When's the last time you save a poor, starving person wearing makeup and a 50 dollar hair cut?

    1. I guess you are also poor because you don't have your own private jet, a limos with chauffeurs and couple of properties around the world with staff.


    I've followed the TopFree Movement for a number of years [[Do not insert joke here]], and I hope that eventually most people can get on the right side of this issue. Of course the Lefties are gonna try to take over this movement as they always do but if you remove their nonsense, there is still something remaining.

    Nipples are not going to bring down Western Civilization but forcing women to conform to some retrograde standard might. See Middle East for the horrific results of this kind of thinking.

    Thank you, RW, for at least not cropping one of the pictures. That wasn't so bad, was it!


    PS: Drudge Headline:
    "Mystery Illness Leaves Teens With Stuttering, Twitching And Spasm Attacks..."

    This is not a new disease. We've known about the disease and the cause of this for years: It's called "Math Homework".

  13. I will point out that in the Rothbardian utopia of the future, private communities could choose to allow or ban toplessness based upon the subjective preferences of the owners. By making such a scandalous proposal, I realize that I will be subject to simultaneously being called:

    a) A libertine who seeks to encourage pedophilia and youth degeneracy by Fox News; and

    b) An advocate of imposing an American Taliban by MSNBC.

  14. poor because of you, but hot enough to marry a rich man.

  15. It's so immoral to protest topless.... Does anyone know where I can find more photos?

  16. Dear internet community! Those prostitutes are big shame of Ukraine. Don't connect it with our nation. They just searching a reason to nake their breast and to shout something. Can you imagine, they shaked their boobs against prostitution! It's awful that those kind of whores are ukrainians and are proud to present our nation in such way abroad...
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