Monday, January 9, 2012

Ron Paul Will Spend Only Limited Money in Florida

Florida lost half of its delegates for scheduling an early Jan. 31 primary that bucks national party rules.

"Dr. Paul will compete in Florida and do well,'' Paul spokesman Jesse Benton wrote in an e-mail on Sunday, according to National Journal. "With the delegate penalization, Florida becoming winner-take-all with only 50 delegates, we will spend limited money and stick to largely grassroots campaigning. Our campaign will focus financial resources on South Carolina, Nevada, Maine and other states heading into Super Tuesday.''


  1. Swiss central bank chief quits amid controversy

  2. EPJ, maybe RP should do a hail mary on one single issue in Florida.

    The only candidate (Rep or Dem) that will end the embargo against Cuba.

    Will help Florida's economy tremendously. And maybe the sentiment has changed down there?

  3. Does anyone honestly believe that Fidel and Raoul have missed a single luxury of life, much less a meal, because of the embargo? There was a plausible rationale for the embargo when the Soviet Union wanted to put nuclear missiles, Tupolev bombers and warships in Cuba. But lately I've read seemingly credible reports that the Soviet Union no longer exists. It's possibly worth looking into...

  4. Yes there are going to be cuts.

    But if (Rick/Newt/Mitt/or Barry) if gets or stays in.
    He is going to go to war in Iran, and spend heavily on the Military industrial complex, and take it out of your Social Security.
    I am going to make sure you get your Social security contract, and not waste that money in the sands of the Middle east for another war.