Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tom Woods Reports from New Hampshire

From his blog:

It was a packed house last night at Jillian’s in Manchester, where Ron Paul supporters gathered to watch the debate, hear a couple speakers and listen to great music. This was Ron’s best debate performance yet by far, and the crowd loved it.

(I would still urge that the term “business cycle” be avoided completely, since almost no American knows what it means; still less should the phrase “liquidate the debt,” which even many of his own supporters are confused about, be used.)

The second half of the debate saw far fewer questions directed Dr. Paul’s way, but in New Hampshire it almost didn’t matter — Ron Paul commercials were all over the place during the breaks. The other candidates ran ads, too, but Ron’s were relentless. And a 60-second version of Revolution PAC’s ad ‘The Compassion of Dr. Ron Paul’ ran three times during the debate, to the cheers of the crowd in Manchester. (The Compassion ad has had more YouTube views than any Ron Paul ad, official or unofficial, this campaign season, by a long shot, with half a million views already.)

In my own remarks, I asked the youngsters in what was predominantly a young crowd how many of them had held different views before encountering Ron Paul, and then after learning about him began to look at the world altogether differently. Huge cheer. Then I asked, “Now how many people do you think have ever said, ‘My life was changed forever when I first discovered the philosophy of Mitt Romney’?”


  1. I got interested in Dr Paul's message last election but there wasn't totally sold until witnessing the abuses of the fed and surveillance state. Time is of the essence in this election. I don't hear anyone who is even in the same league as Dr Paul. They all want to tinker with our economy and bomb Iran. We need someone who isn't afraid to tell the truth because it might offend the cronies. We are in SERIOUS TROUBLE. We cannot afford four more years of lies and bailouts for rich political operatives.

  2. Totally agree Ron should say they are all chicken hawks, who else served? And hr should push his vote against the pat act and NDAA even more

  3. Paul debate in New Hampshire.