Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is George Soros Trying to Takeover Cato?

This is totally off the wall. It appears that George Soros is taking advantage of the Koch-Crane feud to stir the pot a bit more.

A "Save Cato" group protested outside Koch Industries’ downtown Washington lobbying headquarters yesterday against the Koch attempt to gain control of Cato. But look at some of the signs being carried by the protesters. They are professionally made Come Cause signs.

Billionaire George Soros contributes heavily to Common Cause  via Soros's Open Society Institute. Two panelists at a recent Common Cause conference were President Obama's former green jobs czar, Van Jones, and blogger Lee Fang both of whom work at the Center for American Progress, which was started and funded by Soros. The conference was held in Palm Springs at the same time the Koch brothers were holding their annual plotting session nearby.

Bottom line: Soros is really having some fun as an agent provocateur instigating against the bumbling Koch brothers who displayed inept initial structuring of Cato. Don't for a minute think the structure of Soros's Open Society Institute was so ineptly put together. Soros is laughing his pants off on this one.

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  1. Progressive millions = good, conservative millions = bad? Only those who agree with you should be allowed to use their money to promote their ideas? You must be a liberal. Have a nice day. :)