Thursday, March 29, 2012

Oh Baby, Delusional NYC Mayor Bloomberg Thinks You and Me Are in the Big Government Scam with Him...

...and therefore, he wants tax cuts to expire.

He writes in today's WSJ:
I don't believe in class warfare, and not because I don't want to pay more in taxes. I think the Bush tax cuts should expire for all Americans—you, me, everyone—as part of a long-term plan to rein in the deficit. We are all in this together.
Hey, Mike I am not in on anything with you. Not your tax schemes, not your ban salt scheme or any of your other interventionist schemes. You are a nutjob elitist central planner.

But Mike, seeing how you think we "are all in this together", it's probably time you tell the rest of us about how you made your billions because you were able to provide the crony Primary Dealer/Federal Reserve inside quote, when no one else could. Just how did you manage that? Why did the Fed and the Primary Dealers, like Goldman Sachs, allow you to provide the quote and not allow anyone else to do so?


  1. "We are all in this together"= I am a collectivist and I love being a slave master. The great unwashed should be punished for the government's insane profligacy. I am for anything that enriches me through inflicting cruelty and misery. Love, Bloomberg

  2. "We are all in this together" - ? Ha ha.

    That exact line sounded just as desperate when the very wealthy David Cameron used it to sell his phoney 'austerity' spending cuts to the British people.