Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is What Banksters Think of Bernanke

Here's a headline from American Banker, the daily paper of the banksters: "Bernanke: Man of the People"

Yeah right. They then go on to describe the give and take between Ron Paul and Fed chairman Bernanke during recent Bernanke congressional testimony.


  1. Man of the lizard people, maybe...

  2. the people at the top of the pyramid

  3. Ugly & Stupid is a horrible way to go through life.

  4. If by "the people" the banksters mean their people, namely, other banksters, then I guess Bernanke is a man of the people.

    It is funny they think Bernanke is a "Man of the People" because I saw that exchange and saw anything but that. Bernanke may do his own shopping (supposedly) but I doubt he looks at the bill or has to worry about the price. The building he goes to work in every day, the one where he holds the highest position of authority, would put many palaces to shame.