Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rossini with a Report on Piña Colada Prices on Miami Beach (and more)

Chris Rossini reports in:
Miami Observations 
Spent the day on the beach, but accumulated a few musings about Miami. 
-Lots of highway hi-rise construction. 
-South Beach gas $4.29 
-piña colada on the beach $28 each 
-lots of homeless / beggars ... sad to see. 
-restaurants were mostly full...and once again, had a fantastic meal at a reasonable price. 
-some empty shopping locations, but not many 
-Asked my brother who lives in Miami about the area. He mentioned that things are not as bad as during the financial crisis. 
Overall, the place was buzzing....I personally take the abundance of road construction to mean government spending (i.e., waste) is in full effect. Yet the total lack of construction of high-rises shows that money is not flowing there. Other than gas and the ridiculous price of drinks, prices seemed to be tame (for now)

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  1. I would add (living in Miami):

    South Beach is a very interesting snap shot. It doesn't reflect the local market but the South American and Western European feelings. Distress in those areas reflects in the tourists walking about.

    The local government of Miami Beach does reflect the local area. FBI just arrested 2 code compliance agents. The dilapidated buildings exist with official permission, the bums are in town because the city has no policy to battle blight in general (so you will see public defecation and the like and be asked for money several times a day).

    Remember, this is the city of political minds like Roger Stone so you have to figure that this city is becoming exactly how such minds are planning.

    A libertarian plug in Miami Beach, if you enjoy craft beer or just want to enjoy an escape to a comfortable spot. Head to "The Abbey Brewing Company" 1115 16th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139
    (305) 538-8110.

    The owner Raymond Rigazio is an old school libertarian who brewed the specialty craft beers on tap. He is an avid home brewer to and there is an avid community of micro/home brewers in the country working to create the best taste.

    (I don't have any commercial interest here. I just love the place!)