Sunday, April 8, 2012

Send Meg Fowler Some Luv

An intern at ABC News, Meg Fowler, has posted an awesome story on Murray Rothbard and taxes.

This is no second rate report, she is quoting from deep inside Rothbard's 1970 book, Power and Market. She mentions "binary intervention" and quotes Rothbard to explain how taxation is such an intervention.

Click on her post here and get the hits up, so ABC News understands that this is the kind of economic analysis we want to see at ABC. Let's send Fowler some luv and get her post viral. Get the word out.



  1. even when you find something you don't like, provide a link so we can click through. someone there sees where the traffic comes from, and they learn from it.

  2. Meg Fowler left the punchline out of Rothbard's take on taxation vs. highway robbery: the fact that the taxer comes back time and time again to relieve the mark of his/her property, whereas the highway robber tends to hit the mark once and then move along.