Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cato versus Breitbart

The American Conservative has put out something of a defense of Cato and Cato president Ed Crane. In part it reads:
Have a look at the byline-less “Crane Chronicles” series   (123)  over at Breitbart, in which the LA-based viral news blog takes a firm stand on the side of the Brothers Koch in the battle for the future of the libertarian think tank. The latest, published last Tuesday, quotes several anonymous sources and accuses Cato Institute president Ed Crane of sexual harassment and creating a “hostile and degrading” work environment for women. 
It’s bracing stuff, but readers of this blog need no warnings to take Breitbart News’ anonymous sources with a grain of salt... 
The third piece contains the most serious allegations and the least substantive sourcing. It’s the perfect Breitbart story: sensational, sexy, and careful to portray the libertarian Crane as a morally bankrupt libertine. They seem to have picked up on a  rumor  that’s been circulating around the Rockwell libertarian faction for several months now, but they still haven’t taken it beyond the realm of innuendo.
In truth, Brietbart has been extremely careful in what they have put out. They know much more than they have published. Much more. When the details come out, and they will (There are too many buzzards circling this story.), it will be very clear that Breitbart is far from circulating rumors. They are being very cautious in the reporting of this story, even though they have a victim confession. Indeed, what came first, Breitbart detailed investigation or rumors? Methinks, Breitbart.

Which means The American Conservative story is very accurate, if you flip it upside down, face it toward a mirror and read it that way.

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  1. What do you mean by "there are too many buzzards circling this story?"