Friday, May 4, 2012

Chris Rossini: "Fair & Balanced" is "Scared & Shaking"

FOX reports (via Chris Rossini):

Despite Ron Paul having essentially no shot at winning the GOP presidential nomination, his renegade campaign has embarked on a new tactic that his supporters hope can get the Texas congressmen elected – or at least get him a larger role at the party convention and cause headaches for likely nominee Mitt Romney.
The Paul campaign is attempting to secure convention-bound delegates in district- and state-level contests to vote for their candidate, though Paul has failed to win a single primary or caucus.

Primary math typically adds up to the winner getting the most delegates, which puts Romney far ahead of Paul.

However, Paul campaigners think a strong presence at state-level contests could help them influence and win enough remaining delegates to help their candidate perhaps win a brokered nomination at the national convention, should Romney not get enough votes in the first round. It at least could get Paul more attention for his tiny-government platform.

“Our campaign strategy has always been to amass the maximum amount of delegates possible, and continuing work in state caucus-conventions is part of that,” Paul spokesman Gary Howard said Thursday.
Even so, some Republican strategists say such tactics are hurting the party and its efforts to unify for the general election.

“The bottom line is any attempt to gather more delegates (for Paul) is not likely to yield success,” said Taylor Griffin, a GOP strategist at the Washington, D.C.-based Hamilton Place Strategies. “The only person it’s going to help is Barack Obama.”

This weekend, the Paul campaign appears to be eyeing 25 delegates up for grabs at the GOP convention in Nevada, where Romney won the state caucus with roughly 50 percent of the vote in February.

The notion that the Paul campaign might try to tinker with the Nevada delegate count has prompted the Republican National Committee’s top lawyer to send a letter to the Nevada state party.

Chief counsel John R. Phillippe Jr. told party Chairman Michael McDonald on Wednesday that such maneuvering could result in the entire Nevada delegation not getting seated at the convention.
Phillippe made clear the letter was “purely advisory” but said it was “highly likely” that a committee with jurisdiction over these matters might find such changes improper.

In Iowa, Paul could win a chunk of the 28 delegates available next month at the district-state convention, after finishing third and receiving just one delegate in the January caucus.

Last week, Paul dominated the Louisiana state caucus, though he won just 6 percent of the primary vote, and he could do the same at the June 2 state convention.

Paul campaigners also appear to be focusing on at least three other states – including Maine, Massachusetts and Washington – which could give them enough delegates to at least make some noise on the convention floor.


  1. That was a pretty stupid article, especially the part about Paul and Iowa. They mentioned he placed third, but did not mention all of the counties he won and how it was essentially a three way tie with Santorum/Romney/Paul all over 20% and everyone else way behind. One delegate for Iowa? No delegates were selected that day! That is the whole point of non-binding straw polls where the delegates are selected later.

    Like wenzel says in the title though, this is a clear sign of fear. Not even a foxnews reporter could be this ignorant and avoid fie minutes of google research.

  2. "some Republican strategists say such tactics are hurting the party and its efforts to unify for the general election."

    Translation: such tactics are making it difficult for us to cram Romney down your throats.

    Boo hoo.

    1. I agree with your translation but what these strategists are saying is also true. From a purely party centered perspective this is hurting unity.

      Now in my mind that is a great thing because the GOP needs a shake up badly and the best man for that is Dr. Paul.

      In the end, the GOP as it exists now is doomed. I believe it will either be transformed into an arm of the democratic party or perhaps a part of it breaks free toward true limited government platform. There's no way it continues the way it has for much longer. The freedom movement is too strong and will only grow going forward. (The youth movement fostered by Paul over the last 10 years is only now coming of age, politically speaking. 5 years out, 10 years out that force will be even more powerful.) No one who becomes a libertarian goes back into the coma that is the false choice 2 party system. You can go from being a progressive to a conservative to a commie, but libertarianism is the end point of human development and record numbers are getting their at far younger ages than before. No one goes back.

  3. I was at the UC Davis speech last night and unlike what local station channel 10 said " several hundred ", there was every bit of 3k+ there. People in the trees etc. Freedom is popular :)

  4. Condescending *^&^*%%s! I hope Ron Paul provides the upset of the century. I hope shitty reporting outfits like Fox be severely punished should RP win.

  5. America's choices are Robama, Obomney, or Ron Paul.

  6. The only way left for Mitt to counter Dr.Ron Paul massive shock waves of ground support is in the use of his prepaid-press button MSM BS showers.

  7. I would respectfully submit that thinking this is a party centered issue is perhaps missing the point.

    The whole Democratic/Republican "contest" is simply bread and circuses for the masses to keep them from thinking about what is truly happening to their country. Both parties are owned by the financial machine that has bought and paid for the candidates, and is so totally and completely corrupt that it can no longer be salvaged. The people behind this deception care nothing about you. They send your children on fools errands to die in foreign wars to fill their own pockets. You are simply a pawn on their chessboard. If you have the temerity to question this, they label you a domestic enemy, which is in fact what they have done to the same veterans that have fought in their wars.

    Dr. Paul is attempting to awaken people to the great deception that has gone on for nearly a hundred years. Make no mistake that they will unleash the full power of the "machine" to defeat him - they are fighting for their very existence. Already stories are being planted that he is part of the plan, or his strategy for winning delegates is subversive and harms us all. They are experts at bending the truth.

    It is difficult and uncomfortable for people to get their minds around the fact that their government will do them harm. For many, the line "You can't handle the truth!" describes their reality. Please understand that the vast majority of government employees are wonderful, caring people, that are simply doing a difficult job for a paycheck. They are only doing what they are told. The rot is at the top and like all sewage it runs downhill to the bottom.

    This is the most important election of your lifetime. The outcome will determine your future, your freedom, and who will control your life - you or the government. Do not be taken in by the dog and pony show - it is a highly sophisticated psyop campaign designed to confuse and convince you that you are free and have a say in the outcome, when in fact you do not. The candidates they field all play for the same team. You are not on it!

    I, am Spartacus