Friday, May 4, 2012

Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan For Re-Education Camps In America

By Paul Joseph Watson

A leaked U.S. Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States.

The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been leaked online.
The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.
The document makes it clear that the policies apply “within U.S. territory” and involve, “DOD support to U.S. civil authorities for domestic emergencies, and for designated law enforcement and other activities,” including “man-made disasters, accidents, terrorist attacks and incidents in the U.S. and its territories.”
The manual states, “These operations may be performed as domestic civil support operations,” and adds that “The authority to approve resettlement such operations within U.S. territories,” would require a “special exception” to The Posse Comitatus Act, which can be obtained via “the President invoking his executive authority.” The document also makes reference to identifying detainees using their “social security number.”
Aside from enemy combatants and other classifications of detainees, the manual includes the designation of “civilian internees,” in other words citizens who are detained for, “security reasons, for protection, or because he or she committed an offense against the detaining power.”
Once the detainees have been processed into the internment camp, the manual explains how they will be “indoctrinated,” with a particular focus on targeting political dissidents, into expressing support for U.S. policies.
The re-education process is the responsibility of the “Psychological Operations Officer,” whose job it is to design “PSYOP products that are designed to pacify and acclimate detainees or DCs to accept U.S. I/R facility authority and regulations,” according to the document.
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  1. leaked?

    1. If you attempt to access this link you will find it is described as follows:
      Furthermore, you will not be allowed access without a specific user ID. I'd say that qualifies as "leaked"!

  2. I can't believe there are plans for "re-education" camps. That would imply the public schools actually educated someone, and if that's true I heard there's a fog machine for sale in San Francisco too.

    Now if they were called "education camps" I'd be worried, because most Americans seem to be in a coma the days Idol isn't on.

    1. I agree. That would also imply that the private schools (which are tax-subsidized and therefore controlled) actually educated someone. Not to mention the wolf-in-sheep's-clothing charter schools.

    2. Plans for...? They EXIST. The FEMA camps are there, and can be fully operationl on 24 hours' notice.

    3. Um, haven't you looked up prison camps on youtube? There are a dozen or so vids about the possible locations of camps inside the USA. And then there is always the Alaska Mental Hospital rumor, where they have a hospital for 2 million people. Which is you look up the number of docs in Alaske, means that 7 docs are going to care for 2 million people? I don't think so. I don't know who to blame, or how it happened, but the USA has gone from being a beacon of freedom, to a possible repressive state.

      You had better hope that none of this is true!

    4. We should never confuse possibility with probability. There is no hard evidence of internment camps or anything of that sort. Plans are not proof of anything. Anyone who has worked in MI of in a civilian int. agency knows that there are fifty plans for every contingency. So don't get crazy. Just think. What if Al Queda did succeed in paralyzing air traffic, or bringing down the electric grid, or contaminating the water supply of a dozen metropolitan areas. Something that makes 9/11 mere child's play. You would want your government to be in place, to have the plans, wouldn't you, to act to protect the people? Bluelight57

    5. its re-ed. the dumbed down public is the training, so the sheople will believe in the RE-ED !!!
      I Have a Plan, a Solution, but IT takes BIG Balls

  3. As a 24 year Army Vet this makes me sick, and madder than hell.

    How Dare They!!!?????

    They're essentially telling me, "Hey, you know all that stuff you went to war for three times? Buried your friends to support? And sacrificed your good nights' sleep for the rest of your life for? Well... it's bullshit, sucker! Thanks for the service, and Kiss our Asses on your way out the door!"

    These are not the actions of a lawful government.

    1. you just might be a latent anarcho-capitalist. (come join the club)

  4. InfoWars' Mr.Watson either missed or neglects to highlight a seemingly significant section of the document. It is quoted below (between the dotted lines). Please pay particular attention to the reference to "CONUS" in the first bullet point in Section 3-1 and to all of Section 3-2. Abbreviations are explained at the end of this comment:


    3-1. The NDRC (a Headquarters, DA organization assigned to the OPMG) is responsible for—
    • Assigning and forwarding blocks of ISNs to the designated theater and the continental United States (CONUS) as required.
    • Obtaining and storing information concerning detainees and their confiscated personal property.
    • Preparing reports for the protecting power.
    • Providing accountability information to the ICRC central tracing agency.
    • Acting as the proponent office for the Detainee Reporting System and detainee management

    3-2. The TDRC is a modular organization that is comprised of 32 personnel who are capable of deploying as a full organization in major combat operations as a team or a combination of up to 4 teams to support small-scale operations. It functions as the field operations agency for the CONUS-based NDRC. It is the central agency responsible for maintaining information on detainees and their personal property within an assigned theater of operations or in CONUS. The TDRC is a theater asset that provides detainee data management. The TDRC normally colocates with the CDO staff, but may be located at the TIF in small-scale operations.

    3-3. The TDRC serves as the theater or area of responsibility repository for information pertaining to detainees. The TDRC is responsible for—
    • Accounting for I/R populations and ensuring the implementation of DOD policies.
    • Providing initial blocks of ISNs to the area processing organization and requesting ISNs from
    the NDRC as required.
    • Obtaining and storing accountability information concerning I/R populations originating within
    the theater or area of responsibility.
    • Establishing and enforcing the accountability information requirements that the U.S. armed
    forces collect. (The TDRC receives these requirements from the NDRC.)
    • Ensuring detainee property accountability within detention facilities.

    3-4. The CDO is responsible for ensuring that information regarding I/R populations is transmitted to the NDRC and/or civilian organizations. In the absence of a TDRC, the CDO must coordinate through the NDRC to ensure that reporting requirements are met.


    NDRC - National Detainee Reporting Center
    OPMG - Office of the Provost Marshal General
    ISN - Internment Serial Number
    ICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross
    TDRC - Theater Detainee Reporting Center
    CDR - Commander, Detainee Operations
    TIF - Theater Internment Facility
    I/R - Internment/Resettlement


  5. Is this because no one pays any attention to the MSM anymore?

  6. Hitler was elected in 1933.

    Well inside of 10 years the state ruled supreme, WWII was on, NOBODY had any "rights", and the holocaust was underway.

    The people who knew what was happening were too powerless, cowed & fearful to do anything and the rest blindly, dumbly bought into whatever the "War On" propaganda machine sold them.


    The US Govt has been hell-bent on restricting or eliminating the rights & freedoms of it's citizens for just over 10 years now.

    All in the name of Faderland (sorry, "Homeland") Security.

    It's sickening to see the people in Egypt, Syria, Libya fighting and dying to achieve the very freedoms that Americans are so willingly discarding.

    Blindly, passively, willingly throwing away under the steady onslaught of the "War On" propaganda machine. War on Drugs. War on Terror. War war war. Terror, terrorism, terrorists.

    Everyone has to make sacrifices for the war effort...

    Can anybody foresee anything good about where this might be heading?

  7. Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

  8. Are we surprised? For any tyranny to exist it must, at it's root, control those who may dissent or fail to recognize the power of the government. Of course, if you buy off 50% of the population first, who will blindly follow the directions of said government (sheeple!), then they have reduced the necessary round up by 50%. The confiscating possessions would be a big one for them, as well, I'm sure!

  9. So, what is CONUS?

  10. CONUS..... Continental United States

  11. So this is just another step toward the world of The Hunger Games, no?

  12. Where will the gas chambers and ovens be located?

    1. Probably near the laundry block...worry more about where the food and water will be coming from (or not).

  13. I'd like to point out that while at the face of it this looks sinister, that may not be the case. In fact when Ron Paul becomes president the military WILL have to come up with some way to present the truth. And I'm not talking about business cycle theory, I'm talking HISTORY 101. You hardly thought that government secrets were limited to the the gold at fort Knox or the money supply? I'm talking about historical events that have taken place over the last hundred years, of global significance, that would have literally changes the course of human history that have been swept under the carpet for the benefit of the usual crowd. Now some of this stuff would even have those who are most awake a bit baffled but imagine someone who's been living in wonderland all these years. And for them to hear this at a time when they've lost everything and have to deal with everything we already know on top of other truths,that's gonna be tough for them.

    Or you guys are on your way to your local Camp FEMA for an extended stay, I would imagine that many here will be first on the list. P.s. don't forget ur toothbrush.